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DOOM 3 - Z-Hunter Mod v1.0

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File Info: DOOM 3 - Z-Hunter Mod v1.0

DOOM 3 - Z-Hunter Mod v1.0
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Description: DOOM 3 - Z-Hunter Mod v1.0

Z-hunter is awesome Doom 3 mod with classic run and gun overhead shooter. In Z-hunter there are no pickups, no reloading required, no PDA's to read, and NO flashlight! With only 100 armor and 150 health for each level and with hordes of undead constantly advancing on you, can u make it to the end?

Z-hunter includes
- 8 maps
- 2 unique weapons
- Unique player animations
- 20+ enemies custom designed for this style of play.
- A full custom soundtrack by the band "Desecrative Phoneticism".
- New artwork from Hellscafe of LiveBoulevard Design.
- New graphics combined with old school top down gameplay.

Visit Homepage for more information, screenshots, and trailers.

// Z-Hunter 1.0 for Doom 3 v1.3.1 //
Install: unzip the .zip to your doom 3 folder and start the game normally and select mods then load it up and run it there. Have Fun!

// Mod Background story //
It has been a few years since the UAC incident on Mars. Since then the portal to Hell was presumed to be shut. There have been scattered reports of Hellish beings appearing across the know universe hunted down by the Z-Hunters, AKA Zombie Hunters.

You play as a Z-Hunter required to make his way from a low level gas platform through your base to the portal to hell! Advance in UAC weaponry require u to not reload, nor need any resupply in these hot spots, although u will have no medical support once out in the theater of combat.

This aint no place for maggots or pussies, so get yours and get out!
As a Z-Hunter, you will blast the shit out of every goddamn thing you see without prejudice and YOU WILL fucking enjoy doing so!
The whole world is counting on you! Lock and Load!

// Known issue's and Bug's //
Performance on older system may be low, if you system is having trouble running the mod adjust gfx setting in options.

Couple of gameplay bug's, in the aiming system, not many clipping problems ;)

Lifebars and Laser sights have been removed from this build has they had some unresolved issue's

// Build info //
Intel 4 duo core [email protected] :: 4 gb DDR memory :: 768mb Geforce8800

// Team info //
- Project Lead, Mapping,Coding,Gui's,Textures
- John "Red_Uk" Levesconte
- Team Lead, Weapon Model's Art Direction
- Jim "Revility" Kern

// Soundtrack,music and Art Direction //
- Mackinnon and DescrativePhoneticism

- Loading Screens,Artowrk and Art Direction
- Robert "Hellscafe" Monsoon

// Thanks to //
- All the Guys at Atomic Armadillo, Cheers lads :)
- Everyone at Doom3world
- Pappy and the crew at PlanetDoom
- All the peps at Doomworld
- Anyone who plays this mod :P

// Legal shit! //
all rights reserved by their respectful owners, no charge may be incoured in any form
by any parties at anytime from this game mod. this mod is free of any charge. no exceptions.

June 30th 2008

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