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Unreal Tournament 3 - DM-Cath
Claes Engdal
Also known as:
Unreal Tournament 3, Unreal Tournament 2007 [working title], UT3
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Description: Unreal Tournament 3 - DM-Cath

Almost all textures and static meshes are custom made.

The author tried to make a good mix between graphics and a solid, fastpaced competitive gameplay. The original thought with the map was to create an uninterrupted flow using a layout shaped like the number 8. Additionally, a strong vertical game style was adopted to complement the core gameplay of UT3.

Powerups are placed on separate sides of the level to force the player in control to move around. The shieldbelt is in an particularly exposed spot.

The map is made with 1on1 or 2on2 gameplay in mind, but it works with more players and ffa as well.

Make Something Unreal Submission:
-Phase 1: Best Deathmatch Level

This is a re-submit. Please disregard if the previously submitted file was successfully uploaded. For some reason it didn't get listed among the Contest Entries on this website, even though it did get tagged as part of the contest on fileplanet. Sorry if this upload was unnessecary. Just want to make sure the map doesn't miss evaluation due to a technical mishap.


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