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Mozilla FireFox 3.0

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Mozilla FireFox 3.0
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Description: Mozilla FireFox 3.0

Mozilla's Firefox is the award winning browser used by gamers and professionals everywhere. Get this latest release right here on FilePlanet. Read below for details on the latest release.

What's new?

A major overhaul of the engine, with massive speed improvements and a much better use of memory.

Firefox 3 now uses Gecko 1.9, offering support for lots of fancy new web standards. It now passes ACID 2 with flying colours. Alas Acid 3 is not yet there, Acid 3 came about late into Firefox 3's development.

What what will people likely see as the big changes?

* Page zoom, not only can you increase/decrease page font sizes but now you do it for the entire page too!
* Download manager, the download manager now enables you to search among other things.
* New bookmarks system with a SQLite backend
* The awesome bar

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