Unreal Tournament 3 - Fleet Wars Alpha

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Unreal Tournament 3 - Fleet Wars Alpha
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Unreal Tournament 3, Unreal Tournament 2007 [working title], UT3
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Description: Unreal Tournament 3 - Fleet Wars Alpha

Alpha build of a TC concept. Players fly space ships with fully custom physics and inertial flight model. Alpha implements ship physics, basic HUD content (scanning objects and ships, tracking objects, showing velocity components and heading, targeting assistance), and introduces players to inertial-physics based combat movement in full 3d in space.

Make Something Unreal Submission:
-Phase 1: Best New Game Type
-Phase 1: Best Use of Physics

Fleet Wars, a Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament 3

Version : Alpha 0.1

Website : http://www.fleet-wars.org

This version is to introduce to players the flight dynamics and movement feeling of the ships in Fleet Wars. The only ship available moves more like a Scout or Fighter (the movement rates are not indicative of the heavier ship classes in future releases).

Installation : Unzip the zip file with directory structure intact to your MyDocuments\My Games\UT3\UTGame folder.

To play : Run UT3. Select the Fleet Wars Game, and run with no bots. Fly around and have fun.

Keys :

Fire - fires a basic shot
AltFire - launches a missile that homes in on selected target
Jump / Crouch - roll
Mouse cursor - determine turning direction and rate
NextWeapon / PrevWeapon - when in free camera mode, zooms in and out

New keybinds :

ToggleFreeCamMode - toggles on and off free camera mode
TargetNextObject - cycles to the next object in the scanners list
TargetPrevObject - cycles to the previous object in the scanners list
TargetNextEnemy - cycles to the next enemy in the scanners list
TargetPrevEnemy - cycles to the previous enemy in the scanners list
TargetNearestEnemy - selects the enemy that is closest to the player

There are several new HUD elements :

Scanner Contact Indicators - these show up on top of the object, or if the object is off-screen, shows the general direction of the object
Target Indicators - comprised of targetting brackets (surround the target on the HUD), an aiming prediction indicator (a target icon with a line drawn to the target), and a point of aim indicator (a white dot)
- the point of aim indicator shows where the player's primary fire shots will head
- precise targetting involves centering the point of aim indicator in the aiming prediction indicator.

For those that want to use their XBox 360 controller, basic support is in. To use your gamepad, ensure that bUsingGamepad is set to True in your UTFleetWars.ini file under the FleetWars.FW_PlayerInput section.

For additional, and more in-depth information, visit http://www.fleet-wars.org

Credits :

Lead Programmer / Lead Designer - Martin "Pfhoenix" Actor, [email protected]
Website - Zachary "BigDragon" Blum, [email protected]

Copyright (c) Fleet Wars Team. Unreal Tournament 3 is Copyright (c) Epic MegaGames. You may distribute the zip archive as a whole however you wish, for as long as the zip archive contains the original files, to include this readme file. All other rights are reserved per their respective owners.

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