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GRID eBay Motors Demo
Also known as:
Race Driver One [working title], Race Driver: Grid, TOCA Race Driver One [series title], Pro Race Driver One [working title]
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Description: GRID eBay Motors Demo

This is the newly released free playable two track demo for GRID exclusively provided by eBay Motors featuring the eBay Motors Muscle Series.

Grid is a true evolution for Codemasters' acclaimed racing series, which first appeared as the TOCA (DTM/V8) Touring Car games (1997-2000) and became the TOCA (DTM/V8) Race Driver series (2002-2006). Challenging players to become the number one race driver in a new world of exhilarating motorsport, Race Driver: Grid takes players on a tour like never before; to beautifully realized racing locations through Europe, the U.S., Japan and beyond.

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