Celestial Impact v1.10 Patch

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Celestial Impact v1.10 Patch
Celestial Impact Team
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Description: Celestial Impact v1.10 Patch

This is the first patch for Celestial Impact which brings us a lot of bug fixes and adds some new content.

A select few changes are:

Support for linear gravity added (all disoriented people rejoice!)
New map Donot utilizing the irregular CI gravity
Melee weapon now also deforms the world
Some weapon reload and fireing tweaked
Radar upgraded to display enemy crystal (in CR) and home base (in CC)
Lots of hud and ui changes
The map Hyper slightly modded (less caves) and the map Yum has been decorated with 4 new props.
More benefits from holding the crystal during CR
Handicap system added. If you feel too good for the rest, lower your max hp and armor.
New command wo_undo. A 1-step undo for forge.

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