Silent Fire v1.4.2 (JSGME Edition)

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File Info: Silent Fire v1.4.2 (JSGME Edition)

Silent Fire v1.4.2 (JSGME Edition)
Also known as:
Silent Hunter 4, Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific, Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific
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Description: Silent Fire v1.4.2 (JSGME Edition)

This mod adds several cheat enhancing features that turn your sub into a true wolf of the pacific (see detailed description).

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific v1.4 – Silent Fire v1.4.2 by Snaptrap ([email protected])

Originally I had no plans on making another release for this version of Silent Hunter, but after coming into the know of how many people still use it for some reason or other, I decided to continue supporting version 1.4 with an updated release equal in available features to Silent Fire v1.5.1 for the U-Boat Expansion. Support will continue for v1.4 up until a downloadable patch is made available or when I run out of things to do with this mod.

**Silent Fire v1.4.2 is not guaranteed to work with other mods or old game saves**

Directions: copy the extracted Data folder into your main Silent Hunter program folder or enable it using JSGME. To remove the mod, copy the extracted Backup files into your main Silent Hunter program folder or disable it using JSGME.

Important Notes:
- Be sure to restore the game to its original state before applying this mod. Do not use the Backup included with this version as it doesn’t have files used in previous versions.
- Because of certain modifications to the performance settings of each vessel, it is NOT recommended to surface or turn at Ahead Flank or Back Emergency.
- This version of Silent Fire has been tested to work with the JSGME but is not guaranteed to work as intended when enabled with similar mods.
- Since the inventory and ranges have been increased, torpedo and shell damage ratings have been left without changes for realism.
- Unlike the other torpedoes, the Mk27 travels at 50kts to maintain acoustic homing capability.

MLS = Miles KTS = Knots MTS = Meters MPS = Meters per second

List of changes made from original SH4 v1.4 stock files:
1) Begin a new career with a selection of 100,000, 200,000, and 500,000 renown points.
2) All upgrades, torpedo types, crew, and extra sub models are free and immediately available.
3) Automatically come installed with the best weapons and equipment available to them.
4) Crew have increased attack range with Deck (9mls) and AA (4mls) guns.
5) Crew members no longer suffer from fatigue or damage.
6) Crew members are high performing with all medals.
7) Crew ranks have no experience requirements.
8) Deck and AA guns have increased fire rates.
9) Enhanced armor and equipment ratings.
10) Increased turning capabilities.
11) Increased collision resistance.
12) Increased diving and surfacing speeds.
13) Increased sensor and visual detection ranges.
14) Increased acceleration and deceleration speeds.
15) Increased surface and submerged speeds (50kts).
16) Increased gun turret rotation and elevation speeds.
17) Increased crash depth (100mts) and depth survivability (500mts.).
18) Increased travel distances for diesel and battery operations (100,000mls).
19) Increased shell inventory (50,000) per ammo type and magazine (500) sizes.
20) Torpedoes have increased travel speeds (100kts) and ranges (60mls).
21) Shells have increased travel speeds (3mps) and ranges (30mls).
22) Increased torpedo inventory in all storage compartments (500).
23) Shells and torpedoes have increased reload speeds.
24) Torpedo performance problems have been removed.

Special Thanks: To skwasjer for use of his Silent 3ditor tool and to Breakpoint Software for use of their Hex Workshop program to aid me with my Silent Hunter mod. To the Silent Hunter development team for making this fantastic game, and the appreciation received from those who found enough patience to allow me the time to make this possible. Best wishes to everyone! – Snappy

-Silent Fire v1.4.2 is dedicated to my greatest inspiration, Rhena Demers-

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