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Final Burn - Capcom Arcade Emulator
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Description: Final Burn - Capcom Arcade Emulator

Final Burn is an arcade emulator that can used to play many popular Capcom arcade games. It requires the ROM images of the original arcade machines to emulate them.

Final Burn

Final Burn is an arcade emulator.
It requires the rom images of the original arcade machines to emulate them.

(If you aren't familiar with emulators, you should note that this program is different from a game, since it's a tool used to run the original games.)


Final Burn is free for home use, but you cannot use it commercially.

What's new?

+ Added G-Loc (incomplete)
+ Added Street Fighter Zero 3
+ Added Strider
+ Added Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X
+ Released source code (see for details)

* Drivers listed alphabetically

+ Added X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
+ Added region switch for Cyberbots and X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
(Thanks again to Malice for finding these!)

+ Added driver for Cyberbots


Using Final Burn
Put the romsets (zipped) in the subdirectory (folder) called "roms".

Note: the emulator colors will appear wrong if your desktop is in 256-color (8-bit).
Right-click on your desktop, properties, settings, and raise you color depth to 16-bit or higher
before you run the emulator.

Now Run the emulator and select your game, click Load, pick the game you wish to play.

To Configure Input
Press Input to bring up the input list.
Then double-click on an input, and press a new key for it.

Emu Keys
Escape: Toggle Options Panel
Alt-P : Pause/Unpause
Alt-O (while paused): advance One frame
Alt-I : Increase speed (toggle on/off)
Alt-L : (CPS games only) Press to toggle background layers on or off.
F8 : Increase speed (while pressed)

Default Game Keys
1 = Start button
5 = Insert coin
F2 = Diagnostic Button (not in After Burner due to nasty sprite flickering)
9 = Service Button (used in Galaxy Force diagnostic mode)

Up/Down/Left/Right is on keyboard
Z = Vulcan gun/Accelerate
X = Missile /Change Gear
C = After Burners
A = Slow
F = throttle up
V = throttle down

For CPS games:
Z = Low kick
X = Mid kick
C = High kick
A = Low punch
S = Mid punch
D = High punch


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