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World of Warcraft - Mobmap v2.01

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World of Warcraft - Mobmap v2.01
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The MobMap Addon is an ingame database browser. It displays the positions of all known mobs and NPCs on the ingame map and minimap. Similar to how it is done from established web databases but instead this is happening during gameplay. MobMap will also integrate itself into a questlog and makes finding quest mobs easy as click of a button.

MobMap also includes
- Quest database with a search engine.
- Merchant database allowing to browse all products offered by known merchants in WoW,
- Profession/recipe database that contains data about the necessary reagents for various recipes!

This version of Mop installer is a wizard to install the MobMap addon with a choice of either the german or english database and installing the MobMapUpdater. Compatible with patch v2.4

This version of Mop installer is a wizard to install the MobMap addon with a choice of either the german or english database and the MobMapUpdater (if you want it).

MobMap does not get any data from an online database during gameplay in WoW. It requirs a local database copy installed with the addon itself in addon folder which gets loaded on-demand. This database occupies 5 to 6 Mbytes of addon memory when it is fully loade and MobMap itself only needs 230 kbytes except when used for the first time.

The required database is available at for the newest version of the database. Download and extract the zip file available here with preferred language (german or english) manually from the MobMap website. MobMapUpdater is currently available to make it easier to keep MobMap and its database up-to-date. , a windows application called the can. So it requires periodic loading to check updates or upload collected data and updates both of them instantly.

The data in the MobMap database is gathered in the same way as the data of all the well-known web databases. It is all done by Users submitting data collected while they play the game. MobMap also contains such a data-collection mechanism which is enabled by default that can be disable it if you don't want to contribute to the database. There are two ways to upload this data to the database, manual upload via an export function in the addonor using upload via the MobMapUpdater. In both cases only non-personal game information is uploaded, neither your account or character name nor any other personal information is being submitted.

For updates about the ongoing development of MobMap visit the new MobMap development blog here

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