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DVIP The Deus Vult Improvement Pack
Jordi Kroon
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Description: DVIP The Deus Vult Improvement Pack

Deus Vult includes much of the work on the unofficial 1.06 Improvement Packs that were discussed after Crusader Kings' patch 1.05, but not everything made it in.

The intended scope of the DVIP is more or less the following:
-Historic characters at scenario start
-Historic realms and provinces at scenario start
-Edit or add events to allow cultures to change more-or-less historically (melting pots)
-Fix remaining Deus Vult bugs where possible (events, database files, CoAs)

This mod was originally based on the work compiled for CK 1.06 by Byakhiam, and would be impossible without the input of other CK: DV players.
An incomplete thanks list:
Aylo1, Bruit Bleu, Calgacus, Drachenfire, echopapa, FinnN, Hasimir Fenring, gigau, Jinnai, Joe Public, Llywelyn, Mohe, Mrdie, Praetor, Rogan de Auria, tombom, Topher, Vasious, Veldmaarschalk, Walter Hawkwood
Apologies to anyone I left out.

The DVIP is fully compatible with Crusader Kings Deus Vult with the 2.1 beta patch applied. The current versi

This is a mod for Crusader Kings: Deus Vult expansion. "Jordarkelf" on the Paradox forums, where the mod originated, is the sole compiler of the mod and author of most of its contents.

A full changelog from DV "vanilla" follows. For the incremental changelogs, see the readme file included in the download.

*) Divided South Slavic blob into Croatian, Serbian and Bulgarian
*) Gave some cultures their proper names
*) Added Breton, Berber, Mordvin cultures
*) Slovaks turned into Bohemians instead of Hungarians
*) Scenarios adapted to the new duchies and kingdoms
*) Veldmaarschalk's new CoA's included for changed duchy and kingdoms
*) Veldmaarschalk's corrected CoA for Polotsk included
*) Revised Province.csv to take new culture setup into account, this should (?) fix revolters
*) Removed unneeded whitespace from names
*) Aquitaine has a new colour so it no longer clashes with Aragon
*) Chernigov has a new colour so it no longer clashes with Georgia
*) Duchy of Mesopotamia has a new CoA so it no longer shares one with Armenia Minor
*) Kingdom of Armenia now has a new CoA different from the duchy, that is historical for most of the timeperiod
*) Galicia is now Portuguese (represents Galician)
*) Iberian tag recycled for Vlach culture
*) Spanish muslim provinces are now Berber
*) Revised setup for Wales and Brittany proposed by Drachenfire:
*) Welsh provinces given different income and terrain
*) Welsh ruling dynasties revised
*) Welsh generic courtier dynasties revised
*) Breton generic courtier dynasties revised
*) Breton ruling dynasties given Breton names
*) Welsh and Breton namelist revised, also including suggestions by Llywelyn
*) Interface: map modes now have button shortcuts (q to i), and buttons have tooltips.
*) Event bugfix for event 8009 ("Your ruler's differing culture has caused you to find companionship with another ruler sharing your culture and circumstance") added: Georgian and "none" culture are now also possible triggers
*) Rebellious trait is now the antithesis of loyalist, and vice versa -*) a character can no longer be both
*) Vlach culture can now appear by event, in Wallachian or Moldavian provinces that are turned christian.
*) English melting pot will now only fire for Norman or English lords
*) Event bugfix: Being rival with the pope will now only excommunicate fellow catholics
*) Frankish name Thibaut changed to Thibault
*) Characters with birthdate after scenario start removed, or birthdate corrected where possible
*) Deathdates after game start removed
*) Finished educations removed from children
*) Inappropriate traits removed from young children (such as lustful)
*) All children 5-15 now have an education set
*) Stats of all characters revised so they have at least 16 points (minimum as of DV). This means some characters have become better in one or two traits but should make the difference between the starting generation and in-born characters less apparent
*) El Bierzo is now Portuguese (Galician), just like the rest of Galicia
*) Country colour of Kasogs changed so it's no longer identical to Alania
*) Country colour of Arborea changed so it's no longer identical to Corsica
*) Event bugfix: events 8015 and 8108 (fosterling has become friend/rival with ruler child) will now only fire for ruler children actually living at the same *) court.
*) Event bugfix: events that allow vassal independence now always notify liege of who broke free
*) Event fix: Bulgarian mercenaries are now Bulgarian culture, not Croat
*) MKHW name changed to Khwarizm; KHWA changed to Khwarizmia
*) Extended Norman namelist with many English norman names
*) Changed names of many Normans from French to Norman forms
*) Slight revisions of other culture's names
*) "of Bulgaria" dynasty is now known as Kometopoulos, which was what the Byzantines called them
*) Further Breton dynasty corrections
*) Added multiple variations of Mohammed to arab namelist; made some other arab names more frequent
*) Swapped Granada and Almeria so they use the correct tags (GRAN was Almeria, ALME was Granada)
*) Moray now Mountain terrain
*) "Of Canossa" dynasty now "di Canossa"
*) Added a number of Welsh & Breton dynasties
*) Brittany is now split in two duchies: Lower Brittany (BRIT) and Upper Brittany (ELRI)
*) Duchy of (Welsh) March (MADA) added
*) Warwick now includes Gloucester
*) GLOU is now Salisbury
*) Country.csv and Province.csv further tweaked for improved cultural setups
*) Event bugfix: Events 7024/5 "My lord, should we burn this building to the ground?" will now remove a building from the defender, not the attacker...
*) Event bugfix: Event 8053 "Your friend's groveling loyalty..." now has the correct third action (found by AdmiralNelson)
*) Improved Welsh CoAs by Drachenfire & Gigau
*) Altered CoA for GLOU
*) New CoAs by Jordarkelf & Gigau
*) Province.csv: Niebla is now part of the kingdom area of Castille, not Portugal.
*) Country.csv: Changed colours of Arborea, Dwin, Badajoz, Barcelona, Molina, Gwynned
*) Polotsk CoA removed (now in DV 2.1 beta patch)
*) Events:
Modified events have been checked for 2.1 compatibility
Vlach melting pot moved to new file with more melting pots added:
-Iberia (eventually turns arab and berber provinces into christian ones)
-Sicily (eventually turns the Mezzogiorno and Sicily from norman, greek, or berber to italian)
-Balt (eventually turns the Baltic coast German if held by Germans)
*) Minor further country.csv revisions to avoid colour clashes
*) Province Chaldea (704) moved into Armenia region, was in a region of its own
*) Added db\eu2_country.csv for use with the built-in converter
*) Added the "of Prussia" and "von Preussen" dynasties to Prussia, since most Prussian provinces only had one dynasty defined
*) Lettigallish culture is now called Latgalian
*) Ösel is now part of the creatable duchy of Estonia
*) Events:
Iberian melting pots now are more limited, so Portugal won't turn Catalan by event any more.
German melting pot now only fires for intended area (Baltic coast), no longer for just any Eastern European province.
Added Norman mercenaries for Byzantium and other Orthodox nations.
Sceptical characters will no longer get the knight order events
*)New event introduced to clear fosterling status from rulers. Should prevent the bug where a fosterling becomes bishop or republic ruler but also remain a fosterling, leading to game-breaking situations.
*)Further dynastic updates to go along with character changes in scenarios.
*)Breton names celtic;female;Hawiz and celtic;male;Eozen added
*)Guyomarc'h and Guimarc'h added as male Breton names
*)Some event text made "less goofy"
*)Turkish culture event: special case for a few inland provinces in Anatolia. There is no way Turkish culture can ever reach Anatolia in a 1066 game otherwise.
*)Jewish religious conversion event added (all other religions had one)
*)Gwynned colour changed to light gray
*)Irish tag is now Gaelic, representing Scottish and Irish celts
*)Irish and Scottish name list revised
*)Generic courtiers in Scotland revised (Highlands has Gaelic names, Lowlands Scottish names)
*)Scottish Melting Pot event rewritten: it now works like the English one, and can introduce Scottish as a new culture in Saxon or Scandinavian provinces in Scotland.
*)Breton courtier dynasties revised (Breton march has Gallo courtier dynasties)
*)CoA of Breton March changed to the Dreux' CoA
*)Dynastic revisions proposed by Hasimir Fenring:
De Savoie #240 is now Di Savoia
De Geneve #237 is now von Genf
*)Prestige for events 7037-7039 is now scaled (thanks Veld)

*) Emirate of Mallorca uses different tag
*) County of Lleida to Emirate of Zaragoza
*) Louis de Montbéliard made count of Verdun, given claim on Upper Lorraine and made direct vassal of the king
*) Robert de Conteville realized he had two sons and his wife was a bit older
*) Nizam of Seljuk Turks has been Persified
*) Count of Valladolid has improved his familial connections
*) Some Jews have spawned in Spain
*) Some new courtiers grace the county of Gelre
*) Added a large bunch of people to Croatia and Venice
*) Fixed a number of slight errors in (mostly) dead characters
*) Adjusted the Muslim situation a tad
*) Added alliance between England and Brittany
*) Corrected some Welsh names
*) Gave some Bretons their Breton names
*) Made Judhael (Judith) de Rennes realize she was Breton, not French
*) Gave Alberada of Buonalbergo (Apulia) a last name, an education, and made her forgiving
*) Corrected Gaitelgrima of Salerno's birthdate
*) Added a few missing De Hautevilles: Richard son of Drogo, Abelard's brothers Richard and Herman, Roger's bastard Jordan, Robert Guiscard's son Guy
*) Gave Emma de Hauteville her correct mother Alberada and made her a bastard (disinherited), birthdate also corrected
*) Made Dmitar Zvonimir and Petar Kresimir Trpimirovic of Croatia less fertile
*) Turned Stjepan Trpimirovic into a bastard, so the Croat crown goes to Dmitar Zvonimir instead (as it should)
*) Corrected Rixinde de Narbonne's birthdate (so she won't have a son at 14) and gave her some traits
*) Gave Berenger de Milhaud some traits
*) Gave Adele de Sabran some traits
*) Centule de Béarn now starts with some gold and prestige like all other counts
*) Added Godefroi de Boulougne
*) Stefan Nemanjic and his court are now Serbs, not Bulgars.
*) Mariam Bagratuni now lives with her husband Michael Dukas at scenario start
*) Adalheid van Zutphen and father added, this makes them related to the Von Bonngaus from the Pfalz
*) Some Van Loons added to the Netherlands
*) Added Hermann Billung to Saxony
*) Dirk van Holland now starts as a duke
*) Hainaut is now Dutch culture
*) Philippopolis is now Greek culture
*) Zachlumia is now Serbian culture
*) Sicily's muslim provinces are now Berber, not Arab
*) Welsh province/duchy setup revised, and many characters added
*) Marriages added to allow for proper succession in Welsh provinces
*) Relinked the English Saxon royal dynasty in its proper order, also gave them their Saxon names
*) The treacherous Roussel de Bailleul has appeared in Byzantium
*) Wallachia's provinces are now Vlach Orthodox, rulers are still Pecheneg (represents Vlach [Romanian] majority which was in these lands as of early 10th C.)
*) Birthdates of Berthold von Rheinfelden and Rixinde de Narbonne corrected
*) Tatikios the Saracen Byzantine general added
*) Armenian general Philaretos Brachamios added
*) Constantine Diogenes, son of future emperor Romanos IV and Anna of Bulgaria added
*) Karin is now ruled by Basil of Bulgaria, brother of Anna (represents Byz. theme of Edessa)
*) Vlach provinces are Pecheneg again
*) Cyrenaica now starts as rebellious, to represent the weak hold of Egypt over it
*) Small castles+tech removed from England.
*) Added small castles+tech to Evreux and Arques in Normandy
*) Vassals of Byzantium and Seljuk Turks are now not at war at scenario start: war will be declared by the AI if needed. This should prevent the patchwork Seljuk conquests in Anatolia, and lead to a more plausible conquest.
*) Godefroi de Hauteville and children added to Apulia
*) Godefroi's son Robert de Hauteville is now Count of Foggia
*) Date of birth of Berthold von Rheinvelden corrected (again)
*) Changed DNA of Richard de Hauteville (son of Drogo) so it is unique
*) Corrected birthdate of Robert Guiscard de Hauteville's third son Guy so that Roger Borsa remains primary heir
*) Pedro Ansúres is now older so he won't be a father at 3, the mother of his children is no longer Helie de Sémur
*) Removed duplicate of Isabel de Montfort
*) Gozelon d'Ardennes is now Gozelo
*) Added a claim on Upper Lorraine for Godfried Duke of Lower Lorraine. He has had the claim since 1044.
*) Epirus now owned by Ioannes Angelos
*) Manuel of Nicaea is now called Nikolaos
*) Agnes Capet is now called Agnes-Anna Capet
*) Judith of Nantes and family are now "Naoned" dynasty
*) Odo Roahzon count of Penthievre is now "Penteur" dynasty
*) Count of Leon (in Brittany) is now "Leon" dynasty
*) Constantine Diogenes is now 'Konstantinos'
*) Davit (son of Davit) Bagratuni now has his real name Athom
*) Marriage of Iestyn Morgan and Angharad now properly ended
*) Beni Helal is now an Arab shiite tribe
*) Banu Suleims of Cyrenaica are now shiite
*) Cyrenaica is now independent and an ally of Egypt, not its vassal
*) Several vassals of Egypt turned shiite
*) Ruler of Zenata now has the proper name "Banu Marin"
*) Linked a few Zirid cadet branches to main line (such as Palermo & Granada)
*) Revised taifa setup:
*) Badajoz, Toledo, Albarracin, Granada, Murcia, and Almeria are now Berber taifas
*) Valencia is now an independent taifa
*) Dénia (Mallorca/Balearics) is now ruled by a serb muslim (representing "saqaliba" -*) muslim slaves from Slavic lands). Ruler of Dénia now has a father, his correct name, and a sister (married to heir of Zaragoza)
*) Most taifa claims removed, instead some Arabs now have claims on Berbers and vice versa.
*) Sevilla and Cordoba (the two Arab taifas) now start allied
*) William the Conqueror has higher stats and revised traits
*) Some names and nicknames added/changed for Bretons; Jafrez "Grenonat" now has facial hair.
*) Armenian/Georgian Byzantines Basil Apocapes and Gregory Pakourianos have appeared
*) Georgian Principality of Kartli is now ruled by the Baghvashi, rivals of the Bagratuni kings.
*) Svend Estriksson King of Denmark lost his claims on English provinces, he now has a claim on the king title of England and the Duchy of York instead
*) Added Harold Godwinson's brother to ENGL
*) Merged two instances of the same character (Aelfgar Leofricson/of Mercia)
*) Gave the di Canossas of Toscana Italian names
*) Names corrected of nobles in Seleukeia and Melitene
*) Daughters added to county of Melitene
*) Duplicate Cynan Aberffraw removed
*) County of Shrewsbury (+Chester) now ruled by the Saxon Eadric the Wild
*) Grand alliance created between the northern Saxons and Gwynned
*) Rivalries added between southern Welsh
*) Rivalries added for William the Conqueror and Eadric the Wild
*) Rivalry added for Lübeck/Mecklemburg
*) Rivalry added for Uppland/Sweden
*) Lowered loyalty of the northern Saxons to make them even more likely to rebel
*) Added Hereward the Wake to Lincolnshire, he has a claim on it (represents Isle of Ely), is friend of Morcar Leofricson, and rival of Willy the Conker
*) Venice is a kingdom-level republic.
*) Nubia is now Greek to get a better namelist and give Nubia problems ruling over arab lands, and prevent arab catholics from marrying with Europeans before actual converts exist.
*) Naples is now Duchy of Salerno (representing Duchy of Naples)
*) Added or corrected a great number of Norman and Byzantine characters (thanks aylo1)
*) Portugal setup revised, thanks Rogan de Auria
*) University of Al-Karaouin is now in its proper province; improper advanced techs removed from Tunisia; Morocco advanced a bit
*) Gave Hereward the Wake his wife a few years early (since courtiers never can marry)
*) Added the remaining sons of Tancred de Hauteville, two surviving in Avranches
*) Normandy's provinces are Norman
*) Brittany is now only BRIT, not also ELRI (allowing a player to possibly conquer the Breton march and create the title, before BRIT creates it)
*) Newly added characters now have some gold and prestige
*) Added a few nicknames to characters
*) Added Gospatrick of Dunbar, lord of Cumberland
*) Fes and surrounding provinces have received some more tech because of the university, Kairwan's area weakened some more
*) Alp Arslan and Michael Doukas are now rivals
*) Saxony now ruled by Ordulf Billung, not his son Magnus. Magnus only came to power in 1071. Ordulf has gotten illness so he will usually die within a few years.
*) Mosul is rebellious (would repeatedly war with Seljuks from 1070 to 1085)
*) Malik Shah and Nizam are now rivals (Malik would murder Nizam shortly after succeeding Alp Arslan)
*) Marriage of Yusuf al-Mu'tamin al-Muqtadi and Kera al-Amiri now has proper start date
*) Revised Iberian setup as proposed by Rogan de Auria:
-Garcia of Galicia is now a martial cleric (educated by a priest)
-Henri de Bourgogne and Alfonso of Leon are friends; Henri's son is in Alfonso's court as a fosterling (would later inherit Portugal as dowry for marrying Alfonso's illegitimate daughter)
-Alfonso of Leon has gotten a stat boost in intrigue
-Duchy of Porto title is now held by Galicia, Portugal is now a series of counties. Nuno Mendes (former D. of Porto) is now rebellious with a claim on Bragança
-Sisnando de Coimbra is now Sisnando Davides
*) Removed double marriage of Cynfyn of Powys and Angharad Dinefwr
*) Archbishop Bogumil of Poland has his last name Jankowskie
*) Gave a number of male lastnameless characters a generic dynasty name
*) Tatikios the Byzantine general is now an arab, with a "dynasty" name of Tatikid
*) Revised Baltan setup proposed by Herr Doctor implemented: pagan tribes, cultures, incomes revised
*) A number of historic courtiers added to Iberia
*) Transduero region (Castelo Branco, Salamanca, Valladolid, Molina) starts out struggling and looted. Was historically unoccupied at the time.
*) Valladolid is a vassal of Léon, held by Pedro Ansúrez (a few years early)
*) Changes suggested by aylo1:
-Gave future pope Victor III his full name + nickname Victor 'Desiderius' Dauferio, placed him in Capua
-Portraits of Godfried & Boudewijn de Boulogne altered
-Added the De Briennes to Sens (descendants would play a rôle in the Crusader Kingdoms), linked them to Flanders
-Added the De Joinvilles to Sens
-Adjusted Pétronille "de Joigny"'s dynasty and family
-Alix de Sens added (dynastic key character)
-Chartres is now ruled by the De Breteuil family
-De Courtenays and De Montlhérys added to France (later crusaders)
-De Rethels added and linked to De Boulognes
*) Linked the dynasty of Flanders to Charlemagne
*) Linked the de Contevilles (William the Conqueror's half-brothers) to an illegitimate grandson of Charlemagne
*) Sancho IV of Navarra and Sancho I of Aragon start allied
*) Gave Rodrigo de Vivar his nickname 'El Cid Campeador'
*) Vellido Dolfos (future assassin of Sancho el Fuerte) added to Urraca of Zamora's court
*) Urraca of Zamora and her brother Alfonso of Léon are friends
*) Taifas of Granada, Murcia, and Almeria start allied (would war together against Sevilla and Tangiers in 1067/68)
*) Taifa of Sevilla is allied with Tangiers
*) Ramon Berenguer de Barcelona has a claim on Montpellier, representing his lands there
*)Further cleanup of character file, removing unused deathdates and characters with birthdates beyond game start
*)Further character revisions and additions by aylo1 for countless characters
*)Several nicknames added to characters
*)Expanded Charlemagne's geneology: all surviving families in 1066 which could claim a link to Charlemagne should now be connected
*)Removed Luitgard and Liudolf from Saxony, these characters don't exist in any geneology I can find
*) Added the De Namurs as courtiers in UPLO (later counts of Namur)
Married Ida Billung to Albert III de Namur and corrected her birthdate
Connected Hedwig de Namur to her parents and adjusted her birthdate
*)Ended Vasco of Portugal's marriage properly, so he can potentially remarry
*)Edith of Wessex is now Edithia, her dates are corrected
Ahistorical children of Edithia of Wessex (by a father and son!) removed
*)Dates of Hugues Capet corrected
*)Charlemagne's grandson Bernard of Italy now has the blind trait
*)Pepin de Vermandois lost "Quentin" in his name -- was a title, not a name
*)Dates of early De Vermandoises corrected
*)"Suniaro" de Barcelona is now Sunyer
*)Gruffyd of Wales now has claims on Gwynned
*)Changes/additions to Spanish jews as proposed by Joe Public
*)Russian changes by Walter Hawkwood -- many historic Russian characters added. Vyatich (russian pagan) realm added.
*)Cuman king has claims on Pecheneg provinces to stimulate historical conquest
*)First names removed again from Alp Arslan and Nizam al-Mulk (too confusing).
*)Hassan-i Sabbah made friend of Nizam
*)Breton setup corrected, thanks to Drachenfire, Hasimir Fenring, Veldmaarschalk:
Birthdates of some Bretons are corrected
Hawiz (Hawise) is duchess of Brittany, Hoel is her consort and count in his own right
Hawiz (Brittany) has claims on some Norman provinces to stimulate trouble between BRIT and ENGL later on
Guyomarc'h is count of (Breton) Leon
*)Maredudd ap Bleddyn's DNA altered
*)Cornwall province is now Breton, not Welsh (based on cornish being much closer to contintental celtic than to insular celtic).
*)Scotland begins with Gaelic culture in the north and Saxon culture in the south. Scottish rulers are either Gaelic or Saxon with adjusted names.
*)Alan the Red is in William king of England's court
*)De Savoie and De Valois dynasty corrections (thanks Hasimir Fenring)
*)Gudred Crovan has learned of his nickname, father, and exiled (half-?)brother
*)Gave count Theodoulos Synadenos his wife and daughter, and correct dynasty

*) Made Tripoli elective
*) Adjusted Almohad ruler
*) Added some family for Saladin
*) Gave Anna of Polen her right name (was Wojslavic)
*) Corrected father of Vasilko Rurikovich
*) Godfried van Brabant is now Duke of Brabant with Lower Lorraine as secondary title instead of the reverse
*) Floris van Holland is now Duke of Holland with his brother the Bishop of Sticht as a vassal
*) Sambor of Pomeralia now starts as a duke
*) Gave Bretons their own culture instead of keeping them Franks
*) Duchy of Armenia Minor is now (again) Kingdom of Armenia, representing the K. of Cilicia
*) Henry Angevin now has English culture like his sons
*) Revised ownership of Anatolian provinces as suggested by Praetor
*) Hungary now also owns the king title of Croatia
*) Principality of Suzdal has changed its primary title to Moskow
*) Father of Elizabeth de Beaumont changed
*) Alexios Angelos has moved to Thessalonika
*) Mother of Mikhail Rurikovich corrected
*) Added the dead Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenus, married him to his wife Marie of Antioch, and added their son Alexios II
Historian Maria Komenus added
*) Fixed the Agnes Capet situation: she's now the widow of her historic husbands, the Byzantine emperors Alexios II and Andronikos I. She now also has her Byzantine name Anna.
*) Nubian provinces are now orthodox to represent the coptic and nubian christian majority
*) Nubia now exists again
*) Deheurbarth now starts as an English vassal
*) Some of the De Burgh's added to King Henry's court (would historically conquer Ireland)
*) The Branas family of Adrianople have new family members and are now connected to the Angeloi, Dukoi and Komnenoi families.
*) The Geza line of the Hungarian Arpad dynasty have been added and are now connected to the Komnenoi.
*) The missing Baldwin III of Jerusalem is now married to Theodora Komnenos of Byzantium.
*) Eudokia Komnenos now has her real father, Alexios Komnenos instead of her elderly grandfather, Andronikos Komnenos.
*) Eirene Dukas is now married to Emperor Alexios I Komnenos.
*) Marie of Antioch is now married to Emperor Manuel Komnenos.
*) Tribe of Vlachs is now Principality of Vlachs
*) Some Cumans turned into Pechenegs
*) Tribe of Vlachs' province is Vlach, rest of Wallachia is Pecheneg
*) Welsh Aberffraw dynasty restored to correct characters
*) Frisia is again called Frisia, using the SGAL tag. This frees up the FRIE tag (Duchy of Gelre). The Frisian republic was fiercely independent and had to be conquered in war, it should not pledge to Germany.
*) Novgorod situation fixed (was owned by two characters at the same time!)
*) Richard Angevin's bastard Philip de Cognac has appeared
*) Richard Angevin's chancellor William Longchamp, later Bishop of Ely, has appeared.
*) Khwarizm is now a proper kingdom, instead of an elevated duchy
*) Culture of Arzhur de Angevin corrected to Breton
*) Double marriage of Manuel Komnenus and Marie-Xena removed
*) Marie de Poitou now has her Byzantine name "Xena" appended
*) Gwynned split up between duchy of Gwynned (Perfeddwld) and county of Gwynned
*) Powys' dynasty now Mathrafal
*) Deheubarth's dynasty now Dinefwr
*) Deheubarth no longer an English vassal
*) Konstanza of Brittany now has a Breton name. For playability reasons her dynasty is set to that of her son.
*) Jerusalem now ruled by Queen Sibylla. For playability reasons her dynasty is set to that of her husband.
*) Baldwin II and Melisende of Jerusalem added
*) Extended Folk of Jerusalem's family: added his first wife, her father, and made Sybille d'Anjou his daughter. This links Jerusalem to the Angevins as well as Philip of Flanders.
*) Angevin ancestor is given the bastard trait to prevent possible inheritance of Jerusalem by England (gameplay fix)
*) Added Gerard II van Wassenberg and his dead son Gerard (brother of Otto I, husband of Ida) to Gelre. Birthdate corrected
*) Boulogne now ruled by Countess Ida (since 1173). Both her former marriages added
*) County of Guines now ruled by Arnaud (lover of Ida countess of Boulogne)
*) Added the De Rethel dynasty to the provine of Reims (family of Baldwin II of Jerusalem), linked them to Armenia
*) Stephen of Armenia is now called Stepané
*) Reims now ruled by Manasses de Rethel (representing county of Rethel); Marie Capet returned to Champagne (was still regentess for Henri in early 1187)
*) Corrected data for Empress Maud and her father Henry I so they actually appear in the dynasty
*) Added Henry I's dead son William Adelin, as well as William's wife Matilda-Isabella d'Anjou
*) Henry II FitzEmpress' bastard William now is of the "de Longespée" dynasty
*) Merged two instances of Henry the Young King
*) Linked Henry the Young's wife to correct character, added their stillborn son William. Made Henry's wife Marguerite almost infertile.
*) Brittany now a vassal of England, not France -*) Konstanza ruled as regentess for Geoffrey's son Arthur, who was at the time expected to come to the throne of England as well.
*) Venice is a kingdom-level republic.
*) Calatrava now is the Knight Order of Calatrava.
*) Nubia is Greek
*) Normandy's provinces are Norman
*) Killed Empress Maud
*) Cuenca (Santiago) and Calatrava are knight orders
*)Further character revisions and additions by aylo1
*)Scotland's northern provinces are Gaelic
*)Marguerite d'Ibelin stopped cross-dressing

*) Several kingdoms properly elevated from duchies (Cyprus, Trebizond, Trinacria, etc.)
*) Reinaud of Gelre now starts as a duke (historically only in 1339)
*) Guillaume of Hainaut now starts as duke of Holland (historically was Duke of Hainaut)
*) Reconnected the d'Aragó dynasty (Aragon and Mallorca) to the d'Aragon dynasty (Trinacria)
*) Armenia Minor is now the historic Kingdom of Cilicia, Guy de Lusignan is first to inherit
*) Levon of Cilicia now has his right name, his first wife whom he murdered, his dead son, and the kinslayer trait.
*) Wallachia and Moldavia are now Vlach
*) Some Cumans turned into Pechenegs
*) Cuenca (Santiago), Calatrava, Alcantara are knight orders
*) Emirate of Almeria is Emirate of Granada again
*) Livonian Order is now a duchy-level vassal of Teutonic Order, with a few vassals of its own

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