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Inspired by the cucumber-cool cowboy's adventures in the comic book 'The Caravan', Lucky Luke: Go West! lets players jump into his spurred boots for a thrill-a-minute journey escorting the notorious Dalton brothers to New York to stand trial. Of course, the Daltons do what they do best: they escape, rob banks, wreak havoc and blow stuff up.

Play as a selection of different characters from the famous stories, including the Daltons and of course Luke himself, through the fun and colourful environments from the parched western desert to the mean streets of the Big Apple. A host of frenetic mini-games will test much more than the speed of the player's draw with chaotic shooting, drawing, steering, dancing and music games. Take on the story mode solo or invite up to 3 friends to join in for party mode mayhem and see who really does have the fastest draw in the west.

Play the game of the movie ; the movie is inspired on the Lucky Luke comic book: The caravan.
Play in the universe of Lucky Luke and immerse yourself in the humor and ambiance of the wild west.

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