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Half-Life 2 - Zombie Panic Source v1.25b Client Full

File Info: Half-Life 2 - Zombie Panic Source v1.25b Client Full

Half-Life 2 - Zombie Panic Source v1.25b Client Full
Zombie Panic
Also known as:
Half-Life II, Half-Life 2 (Game of the Year Edition)
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Description: Half-Life 2 - Zombie Panic Source v1.25b Client Full

The basic idea of the Zombie Panic is to create solid game play that is based on a classic zombie outbreak scenario. The living dead are coming for the last remaining humans, and these survivors must fight them off and live through the day.

The ZP Team has been hard at work with the version 1.21 source code, and with the help of several server admins (and the public) we have fixed a few problems that have been causing crashes in 1.21, as well as a few cosmetic issues with models and maps.

Changes in this version:

* Added version numbers. This is version 1.25b. All *official* versions will now show up in the game list, for easy version matching.

* Added some stability fixes, servers should crash much less now.

* Fixed the TPose when a player is doing some combination of jumping, crouching, and shooting.

* New weapon highlight system implemented.

* Dropammo and dropweapon now only work when in-game.

* Edited the animations for weapon_emptyhands.

* Updates to Asylum, zpo subway, and Silence.

* Updated Remington's diffuse texture.

* All models recompiled and renamed to prevent linux animation issues, and to prevent the bonemerge warning.

Special thanks to Guns4Back2School, Texas Death Row, GameSyn, and Sacmo's Kill Shack for helping us test for stability.

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