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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Mountain Tower v6.0

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File Info: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Mountain Tower v6.0

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Mountain Tower v6.0
Sage Rime
Also known as:
The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
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Description: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Mountain Tower v6.0

A player housing modification for TES IV: Oblivion. See description for more info.

~Sage Rime~

Visit the webpage for screenshots and info.

Mountain Tower Mod, Version 5.0
ReadMe formatting is Sage Rime 2006-2007. All Rights Reserved.

ReadMe Index:
I. Foreword
II. Features
III. Installing
IV. Uninstalling
V. How to get to the tower
VI. What does the tower offer?
VII. Changelog: Versions 1-5
VIII. Mod Compatibility
IX. Credits & Copyrights

I. Greetings from the author

Welcome to experience the 5th edition of Mountain Tower! This version features more custom textures, tower rooms, mesh changes and even a secret area! Read on for more details!

~Sage Rime~

II. Features:

- A secret area, try to find it!
- A trophy room with art and display cases
- A mages tower surrounded by trees in the snowy mountains near Bruma (Pale Pass to be exact)
- A total of three custom textured statues welcoming you at the tower's outside entrance
- A fully custom textured tower and a tower base
- A highly decorated bedroom with containers and a bed made by the finest of craftsmen
- A highly decorated sitting room with a fireplace, trophies and display cases
- A pair of fully custom textured polar bear skin rugs
- A highly decorated library/study area to store your books and documents from your travels
- A large variety of fully custom textured pieces from ceilings to floors and staircases
- A staircase crafted from the finest green marble in all of Tamriel
- A mysterious chamber offering the chance to enchant items in the fashion the Mages Guild does
- A highly decorated alchemy lab with ingredient jars for all ingredients, work space and more!
- A sorting system that arranges your ingredients for you, just use the scales to sort them!
- A static alchemy system, allowing you to use a master alchemy set when you're at the worktable
- A custom enchantable staff using the ice staff textures
- A meditation room with ice layered floor, discover its secrets of old!
- A rooftop garden of ingredients and a view from the top of the tower
- A pair of custom spells to teleport you between the tower and Arcane University
- A chance to make your own spells via the spellmaking stand in the bedroom
- A private, fully custom textured tropical pool in the basement with varieties of exotic fish like Ruby Thornspiker, Black Rusher and Royal Bluescale, access through the chamber of solitude

*** And more! Play the mod and find out! ***

III. Installing:

Otherwise they WILL disappear.

I won't take any responsibility over lost items et cetera.

Make sure you have uninstalled ANY previous versions, they WILL conflict.

Unpack the MountainTower.esp and the Meshes and Textures folders to the Oblivion\Data folder in your Oblivion installation directory, default:

C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data

Then load up Oblivion, select data files and enable MountainTower.esp and you're done!

IV. Uninstalling:


Otherwise they WILL disappear.
I won't take any responsibility over lost items et cetera.

In version 5 (This version you have downloaded) uninstalling is very simple and takes only three steps to complete:

1. Deactivate MountainTower.esp in the laucher\data files.
2. Go to data\textures, remove the folder labeled MountainTower.
3. Go to data\meshes, remove the folder labeled MountainTower.

You're done!

V. How to get to the tower:

Go to the Imperial City, the Arcane University district. Enter the Arch-Mage's tower lobby. When there, search for the chest labeled 'Incoming Mail' and you'll find a book and a key.

The book will teach you a spell that allows you to teleport yourself to the tower entrance, and the key will open the arcane gateway from the Pale Pass side.

VI. What does the tower offer?

The tower is designed for magi characters, but it's well suited for any character type. It has a meditation chamber with some secrets you'll have (hopefully) fun time reading up.

The tower has a fully decked out alchemy lab with ingredient sorting (use the scales on the table to sort your ingredients), static alchemy (just activate any apparati on the table to use it), an enchanting chamber, a library to store your books in, a bedroom with a spellmaking stand, a roof-top ingredient garden of sorts and a private tropical relaxation spot in the basement.

And more! Play it to find out!

It's located in Pale Pass, and your neighbours consist mostly of ogres, so you'll be sure to have some peace and quiet. I can guarantee those beasts can beat up any daedra who might think it's a good idea to come disturb you.


~Sage Rime~

VII. Changelog:

[b][u]VERSION 5.0: [CURRENT] *** NEW!!! ***[/u][/b]
- Reconstructed the mod for ease-of-use.
- Generic bug fixing phase, cleaned dirty entries.
- Generic tweaking and optimizing.
- Balanced Blade of the Proditor, no more cheese!
- Fixed Wind Walking typo.
- Fixed spellbook scripts.
- Fixed book typos and formatting & values.
- Removed conflicting entries.
- Tagged fish as "essential"
- Created new water layers for the pool area.
- Added a custom bench by the pool.
- Arcane Gateway correctly requires Mountain Tower Key.
- Fixed PathGrids and added new ones.
- Added & Fixed Northmarkers.
- Added more decoration.
- Added a new storage room.
- Added a secret area.
- Added a new mesh for the tower.
- Added ore safe containers.
- Changed Arch-Mage's tower lobby chest to "Incoming mail".
- Optimized scripts for Static Alchemy and Ingredient Sorter, now instant with no add/remove item message spam.
- New custom textures: Statues, tower, garden, doors, trap doors, arcane gateways, bench, ladders, banner, fireplace, floors etc.

VERSION 4.0 Final: [OLD]
- Added containers to the Enchantment Chamber
(Non-enchanted Items, Empty Soul Gems, Filled Soul Gems).

- Changed the master alchemy set to static
(Now it can only be used while in the lab, and you can't move the set around).

- Changed Enchantment Chamber lighting to light blue.
- Fixed a typo in a script.
- Added 2 static plants to Enchantment Chamber.
- Added a chair to the Library.
- The Wind Walking spell now teleports you to the tower bedroom, next to the containers.
- Changed the teleport spells' mana costs to 50.
- Added a fireplace to the main hall.
- Custom textured the tower interiors (Walls, floors, ceilings etc.)
- Tweaked lighting.
- Fixed a clipping issue.
- Removed the enchanted chest due to a script conflict.
- Fixed the issue with blue shock shield sticking to armor when using portals.
- Fixed some typos.
- Added a container to the alchemical ingredient storage room.
- Added a statue to the alchemical ingredient storage room.
- Added a table to the to alchemical ingredient storage room.
- Fixed alchemical ingredient jar order.
- Re-textured the magister's robe and hood.
- New Room: Basement --- Use: Tropical Pond/Swimming Pool.
- Re-textured the dragon statue.
- Added a pair of custom textured polar bear skin rugs.
- Re-did the roof-top stands.
- Due to many requests, balanced the blade of the Proditor better.
- Various other tweaks.

VERSION 3.0 Final: [OLD]
- Ingredient jars and a sorting system (Use the scales on the table to sort your ingredients).
- More Alchemy Lab containers.
- Additional room for the ingredient containers, located on the Alchemy Lab's 2nd floor.
- A custom Magister's robe and hood, on the library table.
- Another static plant.
- The Alchemy Lab now sports a Master's Alchemy set instead of an Expert's.
- A platform on the roof for better view
- The Chamber of Solitude book now teaches a spell called Dimension Door, teleports to Arc.Uni.
- The Alchemy Lab has an enchanted chest on the table, like the one in the Arch-Mage's quarters.
- Added more display cases, now to the library.
- Fixed a book typo.
- Changed custom spell names.
- The 'official documents' chest is now in the Arch-Mage's Lobby.
- Cleaned 'dirty' entries.
- Fixed enchanting chamber door linking.
- Switched the library throne.
- Added some more custom textures.
- Added an enchantable staff using the ice staff textures, located in the Alchemy Lab.
- Bug fixes.
- Furnishings tweaking.

VERSION 2.0 Final: [OLD]
- Changed containers to unique ID ones, so if you're updating from version 1.0 Final, take your stuff out of the containers before playing version 2.0 Final, otherwise the stuff is gone.
- Re-Textured the whole tower with dark textures, switched to circle shape tower model.
- Re-Textured the tower's exterior base with dark textures.
- Removed the statue from the roof and replaced it with a dark brazier with a magicka flame.
- Fixed pathgrids for NPC companions.
- Fixed typos.
- Fixed bugs.

VERSION 1.0 Final: [OLD]
- Initial Version.
- Initial Release for TES Source and PES.

Psst! Take a closer look at the sunken ship in the pool room!

VIII. Mod Compatibility:
Mountain Tower 5.0 is compatible with Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine, and all offical mods released up to November 25th 2007. Supports both official and unofficial patches.

This mod should also be compatible with any mods that don't alter the Pale Pass world space.

Recommended mods to play Mountain Tower with:
Natural Environments
Reznod's Mannequins (For showing off your armor collection)
Beautiful Stars
Better Nightsky

IX. Credits & Copyrights:

Myself [Sage Rime]

Dark Jester for his Ingredient Jars Mod
Trystan for his Alchemical Ingredient Sorter Script
Academician_Nwahs for his Static Alchemy Mod
Phoenix Amon for her Ingredient Shelf mesh&textures

Devs @ NifTools for a marvelous piece of software
Bethesda Softworks for making great single-player RPGs in a time where MMOs rule the earth

© Sage Rime 2006-2007. All Rights Reserved. Included mods are © of their respective modders.

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