Sudden Strike 3: Arms For Victory v1.31 Patch and Add-On Pack (International)

File Info: Sudden Strike 3: Arms For Victory v1.31 Patch and Add-On Pack (International)

Sudden Strike 3: Arms For Victory v1.31 Patch and Add-On Pack (International)
Fireglow Games
Also known as:
Sudden Strike III: Arms for Victory
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Description: Sudden Strike 3: Arms For Victory v1.31 Patch and Add-On Pack (International)

A patch has been released by Fireglow Games updating Sudden Strike 3 to version 1.31.

Patch v1.31 fixes and improvements:

Bugs fixed:

Ordering "Scatter" killed the command queue
Trees tinted on zoom
Clicks outside the map would reset the selection
Assault command couldn't be confirmed by clicking on an object
Shooting guns connected improperly
AT rifles sound too loud
Some minor typos have been fixed
Mines can be detonated by explosions
Truck with broken chasses immediately disappear (Untermehmen 7"C")
Unload command caused exceptions in some cases
Incorrect gun state in saved games
Incorrect player profiles
Loading saved games caused crash in some cases
Model of English 5.5 howitzer used wrong animation indices
Incorrect passenger animations on some vehicles
Wrong passenger state
Trucks with attached guns didn't properly handle the "Assault" command
Gun squads play no animation when dragging the gun
Flak guns never attacked infantry
AI: soldiers were crouching in aggressive mode
AI: repair command worked improperly after loading
AI: suspended refuelling
M/P: the game reported wrong number of players
M/P: disabled controls for missing player
M/P: fixed 'Country' field in lobby
M/P: the game froze before start
M/P: color was not reset on disconnect
ATI HD series video cards workaround
Incorrect historical data for some vehicles
Missing sound schemes


AI: a crowd of medics do not attempt to heal a single soldier
AI: units with empty guns seek ammo boxes
AI: soldiers line up after unloading from a vehicle
AI: units bypass commands they couldn't fulfill (do not stop)
AI: improvements in MicroAI for snipers
AI: the 'Follow' command is not interrupted when fighting enemies
AI: units without arms & passengers do not try to assault
AI: improvements in the pathfinding algorithm
AI: crew have better chance to leave the vehicle
AI: soldies scatter farther than before
The 'Stick together' command now can be queued
Vehicles' icons blink, if not enough crew to shoot
Esc resumes Pause without showing the menu
M/P: BackSpace speedup in chat
M/P: cheats do not work via Single Player mode
M/P: increased TTL for chat messages
M/P: ping info
M/P: 3 pauses for each player per a game, the host can resume


Rotation cursor
You can drag camera using the Mini-Map window
"German tank supply", a single mission
M/P: option to show enemies in red & allies in blue
M/P: two missions reworked, one added

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