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As a turn-based strategy game, Blokus follows very simple rules. Each player starts with 21 polyominoes, shapes consisting of one to five squares. Each player places his/her pieces on the board in turn, with the purpose of placing a maximum number of pieces on the board. There is one essential constraint: the pieces of the same color must touch each other by one or more angles, but must never touch at an edge. Players must invoke a clever strategy to extend their territory, all the while attempting to block their opponents' paths.

In Blokus, players have the chance to play in tour mode and take part in 10 different Blokus tournaments. The game also features 16 unique computer opponents from around the globe, each with their own AI and character. Players are also able to collect special Gold Bloks for attaining special achievements along the way. Their goal? Travel the world, win the tour, and become the ultimate Blokus champion.

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