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Come and try Shaiya, a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game from Aeria Games and become part of a world split between light and darkness.

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Episode 4, also known as Shaiya Eternity, offers many changes to your favorite MMORPG, Shaiya. This update revamps some features of the game while enhancing others.

-Experience requirements change Level faster than before with an experience curve suited to allow players a chance to enjoy high level content faster.

-Server linked battlefields
Apulune waiting room and Iris waiting room. Fight against the other servers in a way never before experienced in Shaiya through cross-linked battlefields. Gather your friends; you’re going to need the help.

-Oblivion Insula
Oblivion Insula offers some great challenges in a previously undiscovered dungeon map. Some dangerous foes and grand treasures wait for you here.

-PvP Rankings upgrade
New rewards for PvP bring new life to the RvR aspect of the game. Get more kills, rank up, get better stats, and show off on the player leaderboards. Solo and group PvPers rejoice!

-Goddess Battle event
A new GM run event will keep competition high. Race against the enemy faction to wound their Goddess or choose to interrupt their attempts against your own Goddess.

-Item Evolution:
Updated and new skills, the item evolution system shows you how powerful a weapon is at first glance. Then use the evolution system to upgrade it further. Some skills get a revamp while other entirely new abilities are added. Class balance, PvP, and PvE get a shakeup.

-Updated and new skills
Updated and new skills. The item evolution system shows you how powerful a weapon is at first glance.

-Dual Channel Dungeons
Enjoy dungeons in a new way. With dual channel dungeons you can choose what you want to battle and who you will group with or fight against.

-Raid parties
Join in huge raids of up to 30 players in both RvR and PvE adventures. More players, more friends, more enemies, and more fun!

-UI Upgrade
A redesigned User Interface for Eternity makes Shaiya feel like a new game all over again. Cleaner, more intuitive, and more powerful - this interface is a notch above the rest.

Some standard features you can look forward to seeing in Shaiya:

1500 vs 1500 - The ultimate Realm vs. Realm combat.
Bootleggery - Sell items to the opposing faction in the secret warehouse.
Challenges - Sick of someone's trash talk? Request a battle with a member of your own realm.
Arena Fights - Enter the grand arena and take your fight to a new level.
Goddess Blessing - Crushing the enemy doesn't just feel good, but it helps your side.
Guild Events - Guild vs. Guild combat, Guild vs. Monster combat, and the upcoming Willows Trial!
Quests, Mounts, Executions, Boss Fights, Dungeons, Demons, Dragons, and more...

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