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Noesis Free Tutorial - Mod Tool
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Noesis Interactive works to expand knowledge and creativity among Video Gamers around the world. Designed by gamers, for gamers, their MOD Your World DVD series will put you on the fast track to designing, building and integrating 3D characters, props and maps into your favorite games.

Working with industry leaders like Valve and Softimage, Noesis Interactive dissects and streamlines the entire process into easy-to-understand lessons. No matter what your current skill level, you'll be Modding in no time.

This tutorial covers the XSI Mod tool. The tool can be downloaded for free here!

4A. Introduction to the XSI 6 Mod Tool
This Noesis Interactive tutorial introduces you to the recently released Softimage/XSI 6 Mod Tool. The Mod Tool is specially designed for video game development and is available for free download from the Softimage website. Learn how to get started with this powerful 3D program.

4B. Animation with the XSI 6 Mod Tool
Learn the basics of animation in the Softimage/XSI 6 Mod Tool with this tutorial from Noesis Interactive. Follow along as topics such as bone chains, keyframes, and animation curves are explained while animating a simple character. This tutorial will be very helpful to anyone who wants to start animating with the XSI 6 Mod Tool.

4C. Dynamite Prop Creation with the XSI 6 Mod Tool
This lesson from Noesis Interactive will show you how to begin creating custom props in the Softimage/XSI 6 Mod Tool. Learn the basics of modeling, texturing, and rendering while creating your own time-bomb prop. After following this tutorial you will know how to make your very own video game assets.

4D. Source Dynamite Prop Integration
This tutorial from Noesis Interactive shows you to take your 3D model from the Softimage/XSI Mod Tool and turn it into an active video game prop. Learn the processes of exporting, compiling, and integrating your prop into a level and then watch as it is used in Half-Life 2. A must have for anybody who wants to see their own creations as video game elements.

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