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Noesis Free Tutorial - FDGs
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Noesis Interactive works to expand knowledge and creativity among Video Gamers around the world. Designed by gamers, for gamers, their MOD Your World DVD series will put you on the fast track to designing, building and integrating 3D characters, props and maps into your favorite games.

Working with industry leaders like Valve and Softimage, Noesis Interactive dissects and streamlines the entire process into easy-to-understand lessons. No matter what your current skill level, you'll be Modding in no time.

This tutorial covers Hammer FDGs.

2. Introduction to Hammer’s FGDs
The purpose of this tutorial from Noesis Interactive is to explain what an “FGD” is and why it is important to the Source Game Engine. Find out where you can get updated FGDs, how to install them, and see what changes were made. A definite must for anyone creating maps with the Hammer Level Editor.

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