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Crysis - Cuban's Custom Configs
Cuban_Legend ft. Mad Boris
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Description: Crysis - Cuban's Custom Configs

Visit the url for more info and screenshots.

These configs not only unlock Dx10 Crysis settings available only on "Very High" setting to use on "High" setting, but also improves FPS and reduces stuttering or lagginess. Get lobster, steak, and cake.

A backup copy of the original configs are included but always make your own backup files. Set in game graphics settings to "Low" and copy the modified configs over the original in the game directory. and author are not responsible for any damages caused by using this config but 72 hours of testing and thousands have downloaded this file.

Remember when you first got the beta? And you wanted to see how it looked all maxed out on "HIGH". Only to realize that it slowed your frame rate down to unplayable levels and lagged you out... Forcing you to say goodbye to awesomeness "HIGH" settings to say hello to ULGY low settings, so the game would at least run SMOOTH?

Now you can have a bit from both worlds! Playable frame rates, AND beautiful Crysis graphics that made your eyes bleed from all the total awesomeness. PLUS even some *HIDDEN* DX10 goodness NOT even available on stock "HIGH" which you have never seen? That will make your regular stock "HIGH" setting look like nothing, and run at frame rates near stock "MEDIUM" and maybe even "LOW". You will never have to play on ingame stock "LOW" ever again.

After 27+ hours of rigorous testing and configuration. I have completed my Triple C "CCC" project for public release.

Cuban's Custom Crysis Configs

Copy the modified configs over the original configs. A backup copy of originals are included.

The secret to the configs is most of the settigns are set at "Low" setting except settings that makes the game look all "Very High" with Dx10 goodness. Tested and proven to improve FPS and reduce lag.

My configs all including special "very high" configs. They all have Crysis "very high" extras with lowered LOD's and some settings turned DOWN for lower hardware.

Unlocked "Very High" Settings
HDR Rendering
Sun shafts/Volumetric Lightbeams
Water God Rays
Parallax Occlusion Mapping
3d water
Texture Bump Mapping
Depth of Field
and Per-object motion blur
(not the overdone screen motion blur) :)


If you can run with my *HIGH* config ok:
you can run the *MED* or *LOW* for better fps.

If you can run my *MED* config ok:
you can run the *LOW* for better fps.

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