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Company of Heroes - Cotentin_Peninsula
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This is an 8 player map on Cotentin Penisula. The Germans will have better fortifications for their bases and some "goodies" to help defend from the American assault. There are only 3 passages between the 2 sides a very wide indestructible bridge and 2 passages thru the flooded lands. The 2 passages are not passable by vehicle, thus making for some hard fought infantry battles.

Paratroopers from the U.S. 82nd and 101st airborne divisions were night-dropped inland on the Cotentin Peninsula in order to support the amphibious assault at nearby Utah Beach.

German forces in the Cotentin capable of countering the airborne divisions were two regiments from the 91st Division (including one battalion of tanks) and the 6th Parachute Regiment. The main defense aiding these regiments at Cotentin was a natural one: Flooding of lowlands and marshes, by a controlled lock near the mouth of the Douve River at La Barquette, just north of Carentan.

The commander of German forces in Normandy, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, had ordered the lock at La Barquette to be opened at high tide in order to flood the area and closed at low tide to hold the waters in. The entire lowland of the Douve and Merderet rivers was thus a constant marsh.

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