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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - DB IC Hideout, Anvil Base, Bravil Cave and Listeners Chamber V-1.5

File Info: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - DB IC Hideout, Anvil Base, Bravil Cave and Listeners Chamber V-1.5

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - DB IC Hideout, Anvil Base, Bravil Cave and Listeners Chamber V-1.5
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The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
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Description: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - DB IC Hideout, Anvil Base, Bravil Cave and Listeners Chamber V-1.5

This mod adds:
A new hideout for the Dark Brotherhood located in the Imperial City
Arboretum with six "members" that wander it and two fences, but the door
to them is locked to anyone under the rank of Assassin.

The "members" are only able to wander the rooms and talk about rumors,
and are all marked as essential so you cant kill them. If any of them seem to look familiar, they are copy/pasted of current members, but with their facial structers, age, complexion, hair, and eyes changed, as well as any scripts removed.

The fences sell various items as any average merchant would, as well as
a few poisoned apples and a bit more arrows than other merchants
would. One of the merchants can also repair and recharge, something
thats always handy to have. Both fences are unable to leave their room
and the other "members" are unable to enter it.

The Listener's Chamber is a seperate hidden area that has to be teleported
to from either the pad (donated by a murderous mage) in the new IC
hideout, Anvil Base, or the pad placed in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. All three of the pads are marked as locked with needing a key untill you become a Listener. The Chamber contains a room with the teleporting pads, a large room containing some useful, as well as normal, items, and a personal fence with more gold to barter with than the two in the IC Hideout combined, but dont worry about finding him throughout the whole place, he cant go further than the large rug that he is standing on. And there is another large room containing many display cases to store your treasures and a throne to sit on and admire them. If you're the vampire type, there is even a chest with plenty of Human Blood that are set to respawn if taken, but act no different than normal. The Chest, Drawers, and Desk are all marked as player owned and are safe to store
anything in.

The Listener's Fence clears bounties at half the price, an advantage that you would think a master assassin would have by this time.

A Base located in the cemetary in Anvil, with a fence that is a vampire! .. but don't worry, she doesn't bite. Unless you want her to ....
More "members" that like the Hideout, wander around and talk about rumars.
All of them are marked as essential as well, so you cant take their weapons or kill them for fun. As same with the Hideout, the merchant can not leave her room and the other members can not enter, and her door is also locked untill you reach the rank of Slayer. Within her room, you will find many potions of Human Blood and a few Human Hearts. There is a secret door that is locked with a difficulty of very hard located under a rug that goes to a secret room showing just where all those came from .... as well as a surprise, a Live Victim. Don't worry about dieing, it's a level one bandit that has no weapons, armor, or items other than pants, and is set to respawn.

Nidali Virith has to keep her supply up somehow ... and you will also find her coffin, containing just a few items. Unlike the Fences in the Hideout, this Fence does not repair or recharge your items, or sell Poisoned Apples and Lockpicks, but does sell various items.

A Cave located in the cemetery in Bravil. Like the other locations, there are two fences, but they are quite poor compared to any of the others. More "members" that are still only "eye-candy" with the exception of one that talks about his mage brother that donated the portals that allow the listener to get to his chambers and to the other locations. He also gives a "go kill" quest to kill a vampire that has been feeding on your fellow brothers and sisters for a small reward of 300 gold. There are even a few dogs that roams small areas around within the cave. Unlike the other locations, there are no doors and the fences
are available to any rank of the Dark Brotherhood.

Location Hints
IC Hideout : Look near all the wells, if you see a skull on one of them, you should be able to see it near some rocks under a bush. If for some reason you dont, the skull if facing the direction of it.

Anvil Base : Look in the only cemetery in Anvil, next to the castle gate, near the church. Its under a small bush near the wall.

Bravil Cave : Look on the outside of the fence in the cemetery in the back of the church. It can be hard to see the door depending on your grass, so look for the bones and the large rock that is to the right of it.

Listener's Chamber : Become the Listener and teleport to it.

I use 55-65 different mods/retextures and havn't seen any clashing with any of them, but if something does, please let me know and ill see what I can do.

Please report any other glitch, bug, or anything just a bit off as well.
Author's Notes:
As my skills progress, I hope to add more dialogues, quests, more hideouts/ sanctuaries/bases throughout oblivion, as well as more pads connecting each of them to the Listener's Chamber, and improved AI's on NPC's.

Known bugs:
Each location shows you to be in Cheydinhal on the map while inside.

The new "dark gift offer" does not always register that you are inside the Base, just step out of the Base into Anvil, then go back in and sleep again, and try sleeping for more than one hour. It should then give you the disease.

Dialogues go by a tad fast. I'm sorry, I'm still learning, just know that none of it
is very important and anything needed is placed in the quest log.

Quests are roughly put together, but do work.

Please report anything else to me and I'll see what I can do about it.

Myself for the work.
TES for the awsome game
Wiki for the construction set tutorial

Place the .esp into your Oblivion Data folder (Default path:)- C:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data
Be sure to have it checked under Data Files before playing the game.

This mod is free to use as anyone wishes, just please send me a message, or email, and give me credit.

1.5 : New Cave located in Bravil with two more fences, more "members" as well
as a few dogs. Added a quest to the vampire in the Anvil Base to give the same
offer that Vincente Valtieri gives for after the purification if you did not become
a vampire already. "Go kill" quest added to a mage "member" in the Cave.
Some lore to the mage that donated the portals to the Dark Brotherhood.

1.2 : New Base located in Anvil with a few more "members" and a Vampire
Fence. Secret room filled with dead victims and one live one that respawns. New
pad in Listener's Chamber connecting it to and from the new Base, which is
locked like the others. Chest, and Drawers named to show they are secure, and
Desk has been made secure and named.

1.01 : Names have been given to NPC's. False refrences have been removed.
Now shows myself as owner and short summary on data files (Thank you
Sativarg for help with last two). Fences in Hideout now wander from one end
of their room to the other. Listener's Fence can remove bounties at half the
price. Removed selling spells on fences, and switched repair to the now named

1.0 : First version release, no dialogues other than rumors on actors. Minimal
AI on all actors.

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