Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour - Firepower Upgrade Mod

File Info: Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour - Firepower Upgrade Mod

Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour - Firepower Upgrade Mod
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C&C Generals Zero Hour, Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour
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Description: Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour - Firepower Upgrade Mod

Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour - Firepower Upgrade Mod

This mod is just like it says, it adds alot more fire power to all sides US, China, and GLA. This MOD isn't for the light hearted since it is jammed pack with extreme explosive high powered fighting. All the generals are the same but all regular armies have a heavy arsenal to work with. If you want some extreme battles this mod is for you.

Description in the read me file

Created by Chris

Send any questions to [email protected]


go to my computer/ c drive/ program files/ ea games/ zero hour/ data and put the .big file in with the other folders


just remove the .big file

There are alot of things added too many to list but i will try! so try it out and enjoy!!!

the computer uses the new defence buildings and some of the new additions. I changed the science sets and added the boss general.

In general
supply docks hold enough supplies to last vertualy forever
all super weapons recharge in 1 min
all intellegence scans recharge in 1 min
all special attacks such as carpet bomb and so on recharge in 2 mins

different science set
gets carpetbomb with stradegy center
gets missle storm with stradegy center
increased power output in powerplants
stealth commanchy upgrade
emp battery
laser battery
nuke missle
tech repair bay

rangers now have laser weapons
laser tank (increased weapon)
sniper avalible right away
can build warthog planes with gattling gun and 10 load of commanchy rockets
stealth gets laser defence and a new weapon (scatter bomb) multiple aruara bombs
aurora gets better bomb

different science set
increased power output in powerplants
gets carpet bomb with propaganda center
nuke battery
hackers can hack money inside supply center
cruise missle
tech artiliry platform (upgraded weapon)
napalm strike with internet center

red guard get a flame thrower
overloard gets upgraded with some heavey duty weapons and propaganda tower (ultimate tank)
suicide nuke bomb truck
aurora with a nuke
mini gunner
hacker quicker to produce and hacks more money
stealth with napalm bomb

all buildings stealthed
rador upgrade
air field
a-gun (ultimate base turrent)
tech re-enforcement pad
binok rocket
terror cell with black market
nuke bomb with palace

mandorin, scorpion, quad cannon, and scud launcher all start with crate 2 upgrade
anthrax rebel
ak rebel
suicide jet (aurora)
stealth with a antrax bomb

Boss General:
gets the best of all of them and then some :)

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