Tomb Raider: Legend - Grand Prix Outfit

File Info: Tomb Raider: Legend - Grand Prix Outfit

Tomb Raider: Legend - Grand Prix Outfit
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Tomb Raider VII, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
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Description: Tomb Raider: Legend - Grand Prix Outfit

This skin adds red trim and Japanese nylons to both the unripped and ripped evening dress outfit for Tomb Raider: Legend.

Note: This requires TexMod. Read below for more details.

Grand Prix by Akhenaton.
You will need to download TexMod at to use this outfit in Legend.
This outfit replaces the Evening, Ripped.
Place this file in a folder and navigate to it using TexMod in Package Mode.
Select the title Grand_Prix in the Package Name window and when the package info appears in the right
window click the Run button at the bottom to run the game with this outfit.
Change into the outfit specified above and like magic it's been modified!
Have fun!!!

This outfit was created with Adobe Photoshop and may be freely modified.
The original Photoshop files along with my mod collection can be found at:
'You can't blame me for knowing how to accessorize'

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