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Half-Life 2 - FLIPSIDE
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Half-Life II, Half Life 2
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In FLIPSIDE the player takes on the identity of a mental patient with extreme mood changes who is planning his escape from the insane asylum in which he is being held. The imaginary escape through the landscape surrounding the insane asylum will bring him to safety on the ship from the people who want to take him back to the asylum. The escape takes place in a world put together from cardboard pieces and jumping jacks decorated with magazine cuttings, stickers and other. Those objects come alive in his mind as he fantasizes about the obstacles he will face and how to defeat them. As the main character is a hospitalized mental patient nothing in the game is "normal" - every experience is an extreme and caricatured perspective on what a "real" experience could have been like.

Nominated for the "Student Showcase" award at 2008's Independent Games Festival

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