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FlatOut 2 - Patch v1.2

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FlatOut 2 - Patch v1.2
Empire Interactive
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Description: FlatOut 2 - Patch v1.2

This Patch update is ONLY for the US RETAIL Version of Flatout 2.
Any issues regarding the patch or the US version of the Flatout 2 game have to be raised with Vivendi in the US. Contact details are in the manual that is supplied electronically with the US version of the Flatout 2 game


Fixed problem in detecting the available bandwidth that causes major lag

Fixed hang when the user selects ready at the same time as the host changes game options

Fixed a crash ingame that can happen in certain cases when a player disconnects

Fixed crash in lobby, or loss of controls in the car selection screen

Fixed a problem joining when the user is behind a NAT device

Fixed French and German translations of "chat"

Fixed overlapping texts in the voice settings dialog

Improved voice quality due to reduced lag

Speeded up joining when behind a NAT device

Added 5:4 aspect ratio

Fixed the “-exportstats” commandline option

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