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Battlefield 2 - Desert Conflict Mod v0.24

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File Info: Battlefield 2 - Desert Conflict Mod v0.24

Battlefield 2 - Desert Conflict Mod v0.24
DC Team
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Description: Battlefield 2 - Desert Conflict Mod v0.24

The Sandstorm has returned! The long anticipated Desert Conflict Mod for BF2 brings the classic feel of Desert Combat to the BF2 engine with its Alpha release.

You loved Desert Combat and longed for it to return within BF2. Done.
You wanted skill to be a factor in BF2. Done.
You wanted dumbfire missles for aircraft, handheld aa & ground based aa. Done.
You wanted familiar vehicles. Done (and still adding more)
You wanted Capture The Flag. Done
You wanted the classic maps. Done
You wanted Artillery brought back to the player. Done.
You wanted to play it. DONE!

Whats New:
El Alamein Dusk with Headlights on Vehicles CQ and CTF
Omaha Beach CQ and CTF
No Fly Zone Beta CQ and CTF
Arabian Gulf with enterable Carriers
Songhua Stalemate CQ and CTF
Daqing Oilfields CQ and CTF
FuShe Pass CQ and CTF
Operation Clean Sweep CQ and CTF

Release Notes:
Fixed bug which Broke Iraqs Claymores!
Fixed bug in LAN Collusium so CTF flags are fully Functional!
Fixed sound bug in Highway Tampa!
49 maps in total

New Vehicles:
1. RAH-66 Comanche - Confirmed - 9-17-2009
2. Ticonderoga Destroyer - Confirmed - 9-17-2009
3. Drexler Destroyer - Confirmed - 9-17-2009
4. F-14 Tomcat - Definite Maybe, if i can finish its coding.

New Features:
1. Team Deathmatch Game-Mode, classic old school team deathmatch
2. Unlocks Enabled Server EXE to be packaged with the normal server files so all dconx servers can run All Unlocks For Everyone and display Gamestats Ranks.
3. Coop and Singleplayer support for most maps. - added: 09-17-2009

3. Ingame menus have been tweaked for easier navigation and understanding and for looks.

1. Missing CTF flags on Omaha Beach.
2. probably more to list later.

Coop Supported Maps:
Dalian Plant
73 Eastings
Desert Shield
El Alamein Dusk
El Alamein

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