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Half-Life 2 - Obsidian Conflict Beta Patch v1.34

File Info: Half-Life 2 - Obsidian Conflict Beta Patch v1.34

Half-Life 2 - Obsidian Conflict Beta Patch v1.34
OC Team
Also known as:
Half-Life II, Half Life 2
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Description: Half-Life 2 - Obsidian Conflict Beta Patch v1.34

The Half-Life 2 Co-Op modification Obsidian Conflict has released a large bugfix patch (Version 1.34) to quell some of the bigger problems OC fans have been battling. Some of the changes include the following:

Changes / Fixes

- Fixed Several crash instances.
- Fixed CSS muzzle flashes not originating from the barrel of the gun in some circomstances.
- Fixed some change team exploits.
- Fixed My Items panel not working on some resolutions.
- Fixed func_tank effects not working.
- Fixed a bug related to the merchant giving items.
- point_hurt can now have filters in hammer.
- Fixed env_embers having no default texture for older maps.
- Fixed some uzi ammo handling bugs.
- Fixed parenting not showing up on info_player_* entities in hammer.
- Changed up player spawning and corrected some bugs.
- Spectators can no longer set off hopper mines.
- Fixed Sniper and OICW sounds being played everywhere.
- Default skill has been set to 2.
- Player announcements and find players will now be disabled while in spectator.
- Player held props will now be dropped when the player leaves the server.
- Player owned vehicles will now be destroyed when the owner player leaves the server.
- Players will now be correctly removed from map vehicles when they leave the server while driving.
- Players joining a lives map in a series will spawn with extra lives on the next map if they have 0.
- Half-Life 1 wall chargers and health chargers will now change their texture to enabled or disabled depending on their state.
- Stuttering from player created beams such as sniper rifle and flashlight beams have been resolved.
- func_gravity will now correctly revert the players gravity when they leave the trigger bounds.
- The Jalopy radar will work for all jalopys now, not just the last spawned.
- Weapons selection hud element has been optimized to fit more custom weapons on screen.
- Corrected issues in spectator mode while a point_viewcontrol is active.
- Local players will now show up in point_viewcontrols.
- Changed the way how env_hudhint was reading messages (it now supports localized strings as well as plain).
- Fixed some ammocrates not showing up right

- Added Custom Icon Option to info_radar_target.
- Added Option to Enable/Disable the Hazard Lights on the Jalopy (disabled by default).
- Added convar sv_visible to let server administrators decide if they want to add the server to Valves Master Server or not (useful for Mappers that want to test their map without anyone seeing the server).
- Added maps/cfg/_particles.txt to allow custom particles (works in _modify.txt too) Format: { Particles { "file" "" } }
- Added ep1 and ep2 tags, which get's set on the server as soon as one of this content is mounted.
- Added Headlights to the Jeep.
- Added trigger_auto_crouch which is a re-creation from Left 4 Dead.
- Added ForceDrop Input to prop_physics and prop_physics_override
- Added Makrontt le necron´s tweaked css weapon scripts and weapon icons.
- Added an option to let weapon lasers/sprites use custom color's like the flashlight.
Map Updates

- Corrected some mapadd bugs.
- Replaced the old energy vortex effect in ep1_citadel_01 with a particle effect.
- Re added oc_starlight.
- Added several new mapadds for Half-Life Source.
- Updated oc_danmaku to version i.
- Added a new map, oc_antlion_attack_01.
- Added a coop mapadd mission for de_chateau.

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