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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne - Elements Of Style v1.5

File Info: Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne - Elements Of Style v1.5

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne - Elements Of Style v1.5
Also known as:
Max Payne II
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Description: Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne - Elements Of Style v1.5

Elements Of Style (EOS) should be very satisfying to the many people that have found Max Payne 2's original gameplay to be very flat and/or stale. Because of MP2's gameplay, many other mods sometimes feel stale after a while because the gameplay is still the same. EOS takes the Max Payne 2 gameplay and specifically refines it wherever needed while also making the combat so much more appealing and exciting. This mod has recieved perfect scores on every site it has been on. Download this mod and trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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Much More Satisfying GunPlay
-Bullets make glowing streaks through the air
-Bullets leave smoke trails ripping through the air
-Bullets can be heard as they travel with new Whizz sounds
-The screen shakes as enemy bullets come close to the player
-The screen flashes after each shot fired from the player
-The screen vibrates for every shot fired off from the player
-Bullets penetrate many objects
-Bullet impacts now squirt blood from enemies
-The Blood actually splashes onto the ground with effects and sounds
-Bullet impacts now eject thick smoke and debris
-Bullet impacts burst out glowing sparks from metal
-Bullet impacts tear through paper throwing floating pieces into the air
-Sniper bullet cam will also follow through with the penetration
-New grenade effects throw flaming particles into the air
-Player grenades now detonate quicker to catch enemies
-Grenade blasts throw enemies across the room to illustrate power
-Molotov Cocktail changed to throwing knives
-When tossed, they will get stuck the the enemies head as they
crouch in pain and later collapse
-Can be repicked up if it does not hit enemy
-Weapon melee much more powerful
-Screen shake on impact
-Berettas changed to Colt 1911s
-New Firing animation for single Colt 1911
-While standing Max will shoot with 2 hands
-While crouching or running Max will shoot with 1 hand
-Single Colt 1911 firing rates increased
-Dual Colt 1911s firing rates more equal.
-Desert Eagle firing rates increased
-Dual Desert Eagle firing rates more equal.
-Pump Shotgun has new reload animation that is more movie-like
-Shotgun spread values lessened to enhance power feeling
-Uzi firing rates increased
-Uzi spread values slightly increased to enhance its ability to rip up a room
-Mp5 changed to a UMP-45
-Iron Sight now featured
-Ak47 firing rate and power now close to real life counterpart
-M4a1 firing rate and power now close to real life counterpart
-Sniper Rifle power increased
-Will kill 95% of enemies in 1 shot
-Dragonuv power increased
-Will kill 92% of enemies in 1 shot
-New sounds for every weapon in the game
-New life-like ragdolls complete with life-like ragdoll collision sounds
-Modified Player camera
-Decal limit dramatically increased for movie-like aftermaths
-Grenade explosion effects changed
-Grenade explosions also "bend" the screen for about .5 seconds
-F.E.A.R. bullet ricochet sounds
-Enemy weapons sound different to give movie like quality
-Many weapon sounds changed for the better
-Player talking removed because to slight annoyance, also because 3dRealms wanted them out
-Explosion death animations changed to look less weird
-Tweaked Ragdolls for slightly improved deaths
-Blood decals more varied and different
-Blood effects now more violent
-New and Improved Bullet Impact effects
-Colt 1911 model changed
-Ingram model changed
-Bullet Impact Fog majorly tweaked to make big performance improvements
-Weapon Muzzle effects heavily modified for better lighting flashes
-AI turning speeds increased to allow them to follow player movements correctly
-AI aiming accuracies decreased for more chaotic and movie like shooting sequences

New Super KungFu
-Two "Launch" moves added to knock an enemy into the air to setup a finisher
-Sweep kicks trip the enemy into a prone position
-New KungFu kill cameras that only show up in bullet-time to prevent major annoyance
-"Super Move" "bends" screen
-KungFu death animations changed to look more cool
-Full moveset of KungFu kicks and punches
-KungFu 3.0 style standing and running KungFu moves
-Cameras added for every successfully landed power hit
-Power Hits send enemies flying away at high speeds
-You will be able to easily take out a entire room without getting hit
-Max has 2 hidden "Special Moves"
-Animations: Credits To "Close To Truth" for few animations

Menu Changes
-Music Track Player for when ingame that allows you to play music from
the original MP2 or new music from EOS
-More than 15 new DMW levels added
-DMW levels are divided into two pages
-Any and All DMW levels can be played with either Max or Mona

New Look
-Strongly modified Max Payne model
-Modified Mona model
-New Shaders applied to 95% of character models in the game
-Shaders allow the models to look more shiny and shaded
-New high-poly weapon models
-New player death camera


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