Half-Life - Digital Paintball Gold

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Half-Life - Digital Paintball Gold
Soulstrewn Studios LLC
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Digital Paintball is a multiplayer paintball game based on the Half-life engine. It attempts to recreate the experience of playing paintball in both fictional and non-fictional environments – this game puts you in the shoes of a tournament paintball player with unlimited resources and a mission statement of having fun.
Digital Paintball is a team-based first person shooter – when you first join a game you'll be given the option of which team to join (it doesn't really matter) and what equipment you'll be using. The overall goal of the game is simple, and is usually to either capture the flag or eliminate all opposition. With a large selection of markers, moves and fields, players will have something new to try every time they play. For now, grab your marker and gear and prepare for the most realistic PC paintball game to date!

Digital Paintball Gold
October 14th, 2006

Read the manual! This document has been superseded by the manual.
You can find it here: http://www.digitalpaintball.net/files/dpb_gold_manual.pdf

Soulstrewn Studios IS:

Jeff Katz
Project Administrator
[email protected]

Andy Palumbo
3d Artist (Mapping Lead)

Bryan Abrams
3d Artist (Mapping)

James Mansfield

John Echeveste
3d Artist (Animation Lead)

Ken Jimenez
3d Artist (Gun Models, Skins)

Ryan Goodrich
3d Artist (Lead)

Warren Koch
3d Artist (Mapping)

For a complete listing of developers that have contributed to this game, please reference
our website.

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