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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Dremora Companion v0.6b

File Info: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Dremora Companion v0.6b

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Dremora Companion v0.6b
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The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
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Description: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Dremora Companion v0.6b

This is a small quest mod intended to give the player a Dremora Companion on completion. The quest starts as soon as the file is activated and the player sleeps. When he wakes up he is presented with a dialogue referencing dreams he had. There are three such dialogues before the player is given his first location to start the quest.

Make this your active quest to receive markers marking the house location, and the Companion location. The companion is only marked after you find him and talk to him on the island. Before that you are on your own. If you don't like markers just don't select this as your current quest.

Once arriving at the location the player will talk to the Widow Karolack, who reveals more of the story, and sends the player after some items. Once the player has collected the items he talks to Widow Karloack again, and she opens a portal to a new world space where he will find his new companion.

When he finds and releases the companion, the companion will lead him on a journey around the island where they will engage enemies, enter an Oblivion cave system, enter a citadel tower, and eventually locate a Sigil Stone that will end the main part of the quest.

The player will then be transported back to Tamriel where he will be reunited with his companion in about two game days. After that two spells are added to the player as described below, and a new option menu appears when the companion is activated, also described below.

In addition to that, after the player arrives back in Tamriel he can talk to the Widow Karolack to receive a key to her house so that the player can sleep there on one of the two newly added sleeping mats. There is also a player non respawning chest near the mats that is safe to store items in.

Special note: When you are on the island with the Dremora it is his job to lead you through the areas. Let him do his job, if you get too far away from him he will stop and wait for you. Let him go through doors first, otherwise he may wait outside the door until you return, then he will go through. If he stops before one of the doors and doesn't seem to move anymore, it is because he has dialogue that you need to hear. Activate him to hear the dialogue and he will continue.

Special thanks to AlienSlof for her help testing the mod, and for the excellent Nightmare Horses.
Check out her Dremora textures at this link: View.php?view=OblivionMods.Detail& id=1568

Highly reccomended.

Attention: For all the people having trouble with getting him to pick up items.
Use the equip items selection if he doesn't seem to pick up stuff. Clicking pick up items, followed by equip items resets him by moving him to another cell and back again. This forces him to build a new target list. Cycling through these two commands will result in him preforming as expected. I just don't want people to have problems with this because they don't understand the procedure. This works 100% of the time for me.


z Summon Dremora Companion : Cast to summon the Dremora at any time, cast again to dismiss him.

Companion functions:

Activate the Dremora to receive a list of options.

Follow : Makes him follow you where ever you go.

Wait : Makes him wait.

Unequip Items : Makes him remove all items to his chest.

Pickup Armor and Weapons : Drop Weapons or armor at his feet, he will pick them up.

Equip Items : Makes him equip the items he picks up.

Dismount Horse : Makes him get off the horse.

Summon Chest : Makes him cast the summon chest spell.

Mount Horse: makes him mount Baal after he has been summoned. If the dremors is standing right next to the horse, sometimes he won't get on when told to mount. Simply have him follow you to a distance of 10 feet or more from the horse, and tell him to mount again.

Summon/Dismiss Dremora Horses : Summons both horses to the Dremora's location. If the horses are already summoned, calling this option again will remove them back to a holding cell, until called again.

Orders to follow wait can be given when he is on the horse. When telling him to pick up items make sure the items are close to him. After he has the items give him a wait or follow command to cancel the pick up package. He has a Default Archer Combat style, so give him a bow and 1 arrow if you want him to use it.

Report all bugs to [email protected]

Installation: Copy the Data folder and paste it in the Oblivion directory. It will say some folders already exist, choose yes to overwrite. Overwriting does not change anything already in your game folders, it simply adds the files in the proper structure. Alternately you can create all the folders yourself if they don't exist, and paste the files by hand. The default path is as follows: C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksOblivion

To activate the Mod start Oblivion and select "Data Files". Find the DremoraCompanion.esp in the list and click it to to add a check mark in the box. Then click "Ok" followed by "Play" in the main launch window.
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Change log Dremora Companion Version .6b considered beta. Update6b: Fiexd a bug where if Amoz was on his horse, and told to wait, that he would dismount first. This was introduced in Version6, where I added a lot of EVP commands to clear unintended behavior.

Update6: Adds the ability to make Amoz part of factions the player is a member of. If you summon him into one of the faction houses of either the Mages Guild, the Fighters Guild, Cloud Ruler Temple, or the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, you will be asked if you would like Amoz to join the faction for a mere 50 gold. You must summon him there for the question to be presented, having him follow you in through the door won't work for now. Amoz now enters sneak mode when ever the player is in sneak mode. I also added a ring to Amoz's chest that, when equipped by the player, adds a list of further commands. These include Eat, Sleep, Activate Things, Heal Self, Heal Player, Switch to melee, Switch to Ranged, Find Gold Gems Misc, and Retreat. Added shader effects to Amoz and the Nightmare horses when summoned. Made Amoz's chest appear much closer to him when summoned.Fixed some punctuation errors, and one spelling error. A lot of small tweaks, that I don't remember, were also added.

Update5: Added a new menu selection called "Access Inventory" which allows you to directly place items in Amoz's inventory. You will still need to use the "Equip Items" to make him wear newly added items. NPC's pick items of the highest value to equip, so keep this in mind. You still need to use the "Unequip Items" selection, and only add what you want him to wear for best results.

Update4: I have changed The Dremora's armor and weapon to be non equipable by the player, unless you are level 20 or higher. It also has 0 value now so that a low level player can't go off and sell it. Changed the spells so they have lower cost magicka wise, so now a low level player will still be able to cast the Daedra Soul Trap Spell for that part of the quest. Added code to the Dremoras script that resets his bounty to 0 whenever he steals or kills anyone (it seems he's quite a pickpocket when given the Pick Up Armor/Weapons command). I tweaked his pick up command a little, so it may work better for some of you now. Honestly I have no problem making it work, but if you do read the Attention message below. Maybe some othe minor fixes I don't remnember.

Update3: Added new Nightmare Horses by AlienSlof (thanks) AlienSlof was also good enough to rework the Dremora face for the mod (thanks again). The Dremora now has a new spell that summon/dismisses the new horses. Baal is owned by the Dremora Companion, and is his horse. The players horse is named Belial. The Dremora own horse spell has been removed, as it's not needed now. It still exists in the mod, if you know how to call it from console, and for some reason, prefer to use it. I also fixed an issue where the Widow Karolack would be sleeping when she should be outside reading on the porch (a result of not paying enough attention in my last update to fix the crashing). I also fixed changes made to a default sleep package by accident. Lastly I corrected an issue where the Widow would stand motionless for a few seconds after placing items on the ground to summon the portal. She should now move immediatly back to cast the shock spell.

Update1: Fixed an issue that was causing crashing on weather changing. I had scripted the Old Woman to move from the sun to the porch when it rains, but it seems to crash the game so I removed the associated package.

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