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Bet On Soldier - Mod pack
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This is a small mod that I did for the game BOS. It modifies many things in the game. I did it because I couldn’t find any cheats, mods, or hacks anywhere that I looked on the internet. These mods totally unbalance the game FYI…you have been warned! ?
The price of all Assault Rifles is 100 or less
The Assault Guns all have 90 capacity clips and a max of 9 clips you can carry.
Clip cost for the Assault gun is drastically reduced.
The accuracy and reload times has been improved.
All weapons and armor are unlocked from the first level now. Let me know if I forgot a weapons or a level to unlock.
The armor has been beefed up a bit and the cost of it reduced. The cost to fix the armor has been reduced in some instances
The Rotoblade is cheap. I couldn’t get the speed to increase. If I do Ill release it in another file pack
Also the quality of armor is increased. Oh yeah the cost of armor and the fix cost for armor should be reduced.
You will be getting a ridiculous amount of money for missio

There are 3 small files in this RAR file. Place them in thier respective folders on your hard drive. For instance, the file called Armors.cfg should be placed in a folder located here: C:Program Files\Kylotonn Entertainment\Bet On Soldier\Mods\Bos\Tuning\Solo\Weapons

Just overwrite the current files with the files provided in this download.

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