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Half-Life: Blue Shift - Blue Shift Unlocked
Half-Life Improvement Team
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Description: Half-Life: Blue Shift - Blue Shift Unlocked

This pack of files is intended to allow owners of Half-Life and Blue Shift to convert their Blue Shift installation into a Half-Life mod. This mod should be compatible with both WON and Steam installations of Half-Life.

Blue Shift: Unlocked

By the Half-Life Improvement Team



This pack of files is intended to allow owners of Half-Life and
Blue Shift to convert their Blue Shift installation into a Half-Life
mod. This mod should be compatible with both retail (WON/CD installed)
and Steam installations of Half-Life.


Due to the fact that Blue Shift was originally designed to be included
in the Dreamcast version of Half-Life, which was later cancelled, the
BSP map file format was a little different than the standard PC format.
Gearbox never converted it back to the PC format, instead opting to use
their modified version of the Half-Life engine when they released it
for the PC. This meant that the Blue Shift maps were not compatible
with the normal Half-Life engine.

Valve's official Steam port of Blue Shift is riddled with issues of its
own. On the surface, key parts of the interface have been poorly ported
or not ported at all. Under the hood, the maps remain unconverted, and
a lot of redundant Half-Life content is also present in the GCF, adding
at least 100 to 150 MB of useless data. In addition, this port doesn't
recognize custom content (models, etc.). In short, this port of Blue
Shift falls far short of Valve's usual high standard of quality.


This conversion pack requires that you have Blue Shift installed. The
Blue Shift game content (maps, models, sprites, etc.) is not included
in this package. This is done for legal and practical reasons. It is
meant to give owners of Blue Shift the option of playing the game under
a Half-Life installation, not to distribute the game to people who have
not purchased it.


- Half-Life was developed by Valve Software

- Blue Shift was developed by Gearbox Software

- Conversion project by the Half-Life Improvement Team:
- Programming by Matthew "One Eyed Newt" Jenkins
- Blue Shift BSP file format investigation and
command-line conversion utility by Philip "prsearle" Searle
- Steam interface, batch file, installer, documentation, and general
management of project files by Matei "Ambient.Impact" Stanca

- Contributions:
- Additional programming by Andrew "YNGNDRW" Young
- Steam background image by RavenGT

- HLLib 1.1.6 (HLLib.dll, HLExtract.exe) by Ryan "NEMESIS" Gregg

- installer powered by the Nullsoft Scriptable Installer System,
the installer that "isn't huge and doesn't suck"

- modified crosshair sprites originally by Felix for Sven Co-op


v1.1 - October 25, 2005
- project name changed to "Blue Shift: Unlocked"
- new Steam background image by RavenGT (see credits)
- mod directory renamed to "bshift_unlocked", since Steam now prevents
any mod with the directory name of "bshift" from appearing in the
games list
- code changes:
- fixed an issue that prevented the trigger_playerfreeze entity from
not working on some systems
- optimised the game code, reduced the filesize of the game DLL
- setup changes:
- an automated installer version is now available, in addition to
the ZIP file version
- please note that this is a "clean" installer: it will not add any
trash to your system (desktop/Start menu icons, registry entries,
etc.)- it only extracts and copies files, nothing else
- user can now choose to copy content from the retail (WON/CD
version), or the official Steam version
- now checks if the patched map "ba_yard5" is already present before
extracting it from the PAK file (WON/CD version)
- fixed a game crash caused by missing parts of the human grunt model,
if the user didn't have the High Definition content installed

v1.0 - August 7, 2005
- changes to the standard Half-Life code:
- added all Blue Shift entities:
- env_warpball
- item_armorvest
- item_helmet
- monster_generic
- monster_rosenberg
- trigger_playerfreeze
- fixed the crowbar hitting dead bodies on every frame of animation
- BSP file conversion to the standard, Half-Life compatible format
- removed all redundant Half-Life content
- Steam-compatible interface added

Terms of Use

1) Since this is a Half-Life mod, all terms of the Half-Life End User
License Agreement apply here.
2) Distribution of this package is permitted as long as the following
conditions are met:
- this package and its documentation are kept intact, and are not
modified in any way
- users are not charged for the package itself (they may be charged
for services relating to distribution of the file, but not the
file itself)
3) You will not misrepresent the origin of this package. You will not
claim to have created it.
4) The Half-Life Improvement Team cannot be held responsible for any
damages (to software or hardware) resulting from the use or misuse
of this software. However, it should be no more dangerous than
installing and running Half-Life itself.

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