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Armadillo Run Demo v1.0.4

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Armadillo Run Demo v1.0.4
Armadillo Run Team
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Description: Armadillo Run Demo v1.0.4

Armadillo Run is structural physics in your face. A bit complex, it features ten tutorial levels to get you started. In each level, somewhere there's an armadillo rolled into a ball, and somewhere else there's a blue area of the screen. It's up to you to get the armadillo into the blue zone. To do it, you use gravity and a number of structures such as sheets of cloth and metal boards, and also supports like rope and metal bars. You build a contraption designed to get the armadillo into the warp tunnel and then hit the play button. Physics take over as the armadillo, drawn by gravity, runs the course of your structure. If he makes it to the blue zone and stays in it long enough to warp out, you're on to the next level. If he falls or ends up settling somewhere else, it's time to rebuild.

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