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F.E.A.R. - BENEATH map
Steve gaynor
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BENEATH is a user-created single-player map for F.E.A.R. Install and play BENEATH using your retail copy of F.E.A.R.

"This level is not considered a prequel, sequel, or continuation of the original game's story, but a "what if?" What if F.E.A.R. were a tiny, inexperienced agency, whose existence was based entirely on the whim of an eccentric Army general who'd begun to take wartime ghost stories a little too seriously? What if F.E.A.R. primarily investigated "anomalous" incidents-- flukes, rumors-- that no other agency cared to waste their time on? What if the F.E.A.R. crew never expected to stumble across any significant threats while chasing shadows... and then suddenly, they did?

Coincidentally, recruit, it's your first night on the job. And you think you're in for a walk in the park."

1) Double-click the BENEATH icon that this installer placed on your desktop.

2) In F.E.A.R., start a new single-player game.

3) To uninstall BENEATH, navigate to the BENEATH folder placed in your start menu, and run the uninstaller.

* It is STRONGLY recommended that you update F.E.A.R. to its latest version for best results

* It is recommended that you enable volumetric lighting in F.E.A.R.'s performance options

BENEATH is free and this archive may be distributed, on its own and completely unaltered, through any website without the author's express commission, assuming credit is given where due. Any commercial distribution of BENEATH, standalone or in any sort of retail physical or digital compilation, must first be cleared with the author. See contact info below.

BENEATH is a user-made standalone single-player level for F.E.A.R., a Monolith Production. Original game, art assets, engine, and tools, courtesy of Monolith Productions.

BENEATH level design, construction, scripting, and new voice assets by Steve gaynor.

Additional voice contributions by, and special thanks to, Rachel Jacks.

Visit http://fullbright.blogspot.com or e-mail [email protected]

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