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Quake IV - Murphy's Marines : Console Commandos v1.1

File Info: Quake IV - Murphy's Marines : Console Commandos v1.1

Quake IV - Murphy's Marines : Console Commandos v1.1
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Description: Quake IV - Murphy's Marines : Console Commandos v1.1

This updated mod gives you 20 different spawn-in marine variations including two new classes of marines, "QIK-Aid" marines and "QIK-Fix" marines to choose from.

6/27/06 (revised 7-14-06)**(Ver.1.0)
7/23/06 (second revision 7-23-06) ** (Ver.1.1) "Tweaks and Fixes"
8/06/06 * Readme.txt:

This updated mod gives you 20 different spawn-in marine variations including two new classes of marines, "QIK-Aid" marines and "QIK-Fix" marines to choose from.

This update fixes some problems I found with the original release and tweaks other areas for improved gameplay. Plus, adds an extra marine to the "PFC Squad".

Some marines are tweaked more than others, with different heads over the default heads, added health, the "Follow" code and such, but all improved over standard spawn-in commandos.

Some have speech capability. If you click on / speak to them, anywhere from 1-4 lines plus the Techs, Medics and Aids all say their additional lines as well.

: All Marines Include :
1. Class
2. Name
3. Squad I.D.
4. Squad Badges
5. 250-500 Health

More General Info :

As stated above, I added two new classes of marine, "QIK-Aid" marines and "QIK-Fix" marines. Both styles are basically PFC Marines with added "Help" features and they apply them quickly. Good if your in a hurry, as they cut
out the somewhat lenghty animation run through of the Techs/Medics. You can think of them as marines who have come across dead Medics or Techs and have grabbed their fallen comrades Health/Repair packs.

There are 5 groups of Marines:
1. QIK-Aid Marines
2. QIK-Fix Marines
3. Tech Marines
4. Medic Marines
5. PFC Marines

You can have a look through the "Marine Photo Album" I supplied to view the spawn-in marine you may be interested in, before actually spawning him in to the game.

Read "Console Commands txt.", once you have decided on which marines you want to use for their spawn-in commands. I would suggest binding them to a key for a quick spawn-in when needed.

Most of the Marines are set-up either as Machinegun/HyperBlaster class soldiers or Shotgun class soldiers. None were originally set-up to be strict followers. Only the "Defs" were altered,not the "Scripts", however for those interested, "The NPC Spawning Guide ver.1.1" mod has revealed the "FOLLOW" code and is now included in this mod so your Marine should follow you around. Talk_ Turn in the command line forces your soldier
/ NPC to face you at most times. Otherwise, he'll run up to you and turn away, showing you his back. I prefer Talk_Turn in the command line myself. If you decide not to type in the "FOLLOW" code, the shotgun style soldier does tend to be a better follower, as he always moves in closer to engage the enemy. As long as there is more enemy close by, he'll stay closer than the MG/HB soldier.

Note: { Marines with a 500 "Health" rating are set-up like shotgun style marines.They usually move in much closer to the enemy during combat and end up taking
twice the beating of the MG/HB marines, who have a 250 "Health" rating. The MG/HB marines will battle,if possible, from a safer distance back while
taking cover, which helps keep them healthier.}

As mentioned, the "Defs" were altered, but should not interfere with whatever marine is called for by the game. The menu editor will over-ride these "Defs" changes per level and script. I tested most marines for glitches and most short comings were corrected once again with the second revision **(Ver.1.1).

This mod took alot longer to put together than I thought it would, but with all the delays, was able to revise it with the "FOLLOW" code. I guess everything happens for a reason. Hope you find it enjoyable!

**P.S. Included in this Mod is "Speak Spawned Tech Marine" - A Mod/Repair for Quake 4. I noticed when spawning in a "Tech Marine", through the drop down console, he'd lose his speech capability. This mod
repairs Quake 4 "Tech Marines" speech capability after he's been spawned. I included this Mod file to make sure marines speech works correctly and saves you the trouble of finding/downloading/installing this helpful Mod.

Credits: Much thanks to the modding community especially,

Altroth Akenzie and Jarad"TinMan"Hansen for their contributions to Doom3, with their mods "Allied Marine Squad" and "TinMan Squad" respectively. Both personal favorites of mine and the inspiration behind this mod.

** I would like to thank TK 1618 Major for his "The NPC Spawning Guide ver.1.1" mod for Quake4. It highlights many commands worth checking out and most importantly revealed the "FOLLOW" code which I was also seeking.

** Also, another round of thanks go to TK 1618 Major for his support in the forums section. The 10/10 rating from TK is greatly appreciated! Please check out "The NPC Spawning Guide ver.1.1" on how you can use the Console to alter features or add a flashlight to your marine. Play your spawn-in marine the way I made him or add a tweak here or there, the choice is yours!

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