Sin Episodes: Emergence - Blade Dialog Voice Pack

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File Info: Sin Episodes: Emergence - Blade Dialog Voice Pack

Sin Episodes: Emergence - Blade Dialog Voice Pack
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Sin Episodes Emergence, SiN 2, SiN Episodes: Emergence (Chapter 1)
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Description: Sin Episodes: Emergence - Blade Dialog Voice Pack

This voice pack "updates" Sin Episodes: Emergence with Blade dialog responses. If you feel that Blade is too silent in Emergence and you'd like him to talk more to Jessica and JC, this is the mod for you!

When Sin Episodes: Emergence was released, many fans of the original Sin game dearly missed John Blade's dialog with his sidekick JC and other non-player characters. While Blade was talking all the time in Sin, he is almost completely silent in Emergence while JC and Jessica keep talking to him throughout the game. In the spirit of Sin, forum members djbell and programmer2 sat down and started working on a small voice pack that incorporated some of Blade's one-liners from Sin in Emergence, so that at least some of Blade's humor would be back in the new game.
Inspired by that, I looked for a way to include not just random comments but working responses to existing dialog in the game. The idea was to pick out the most appropriate (and if possible, funniest) of Blade's comments from Sin, then add these comments as responses to the dialog that can be heard in Emergence, so that whenever Jessica or JC talk to Blade and it's appropriate, he will respond with an intelligent or funny answer, or in some cases Blade will say something first and then receive the dialog from the character who is talking to him. This would make all of Emergence's conversation sound much more natural and really bring some of the Blade character back that we all know from Sin.

Pack includes a readme file with history and installation instructions.

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