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Starfleet Command III v534b Patch
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Star Trek Starfleet Command 3
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Description: Starfleet Command III v534b Patch

To the SFC 3 Community,

Kenneth Yeast and Ann Cox of Taldren (or formerly of Taldren depending on the current situation) have given permission for the release of the last testers build for SFC 3, Version 534. This is Taldren's parting gift to the SFC 3 community. I hope that all of you will enjoy the last fixes made by David Ferrell under sanction of Taldren. Revisional fixes done by Pestalence in order to help playability both on the Dynaverse and GSA.

Revisions done to the CommonSettings game folder to match Game manual and original specifications of ship items such as they were in v464, v500, and v531.

No changes outside Original game content have been made. These changes have been sent to Kenneth Yeast, former Taldren CA CEO with file by file verification to show that no Taldren Original Work is being altered.

Happy Gaming folks.

Proper Patch Install Method:

1) Uninstall Starfleet Command III using Add / Remove Programs file in your Windows Control Panel.

2) Delete the SFC3 game folder off of your system. Commonly the location of the folder is C:\Program Files\Activision\SFC3.

3) Reinstall Starfleet Command III from the game CD, do not install Direct X 8.1 and do not install Gamespy Arcade from the Game CD, just the Starfleet Command III game itself. Commonly the install folder is C:\Program Files\Activision\SFC3.

4) Check for the latest version of your video card drivers from the manufacturer of your video card. For Geforce cards, check the NVidia web site, for Radeon cards, check the ATI web site. Never get video drivers from a place that is not the manufacturer of your video card. If you own a laptop, please check with the manufacturer of your laptop for updated drivers.

5) Make sure your version of Windows is up to date. Go to Microsoft?s windows update and get all available updates for your Windows Operating System.

6) As a recommendation, Download and reinstall Direct X 9.0c, if you do not have Direct X 9.0c, it is strongly recommended that you update to Direct X 9.0c or you will cause others to crash in Gamespy Arcade or Dynaverse 3 servers. Direct X 9.0c is not compatible with previous versions of Direct X under direct play and people using Direct X version older than 9.0c will cause players who have upgraded ( 90% of players) to have severe in game lag, locked loading screens, or Crash to Desktop issues. This is stated in the Microsoft Direct X FAQ. Installing an older version of Direct X on top of Direct X 9.0c will cause Direct X 9.0c to corrupt and will requite DirectX 9.0c to be reinstalled to fix the corruption. You can get the new DirecX 9.0c from

7) Disable any Anti-Virus that you may be running on your system while installing the patch. After patching, you may re-enable your Anti-Virus.

8) Install ONLY this v534_b patch on to SFC 3. This is a stand alone installer and does not need any other Starfleet Command III downloads. This file is to be used on a clean, unaltered, unpatched version of Starfleet Command III.

DL Location : (40.5 MB)

9) All Troubleshooting steps for SFC 3 are listed below. Please refer to them if you experience problems with Starfleet Command III. You can also refer to the SFC 3 Readme v534.rtf file included in your SFC 3 game folder after patching.

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