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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Saddle Bags v1.1

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File Info: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Saddle Bags v1.1

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Saddle Bags v1.1
Maboroshi Daikon
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The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
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Description: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Saddle Bags v1.1

This is a unique modification that adds saddle bags to your horse in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. So need a little extra space? Strap this puppy on.

Saddle Bags Plugin for Oblivion
Version 1.1
by Maboroshi Daikon

Mail me with any bugs, suggestions, questions or comments -

Note: Horses drink potions so it's probably not a good idea to store them there. If you do, and he uses them, you can use the new "Set MDResetHorses to 1" command and mount the horse. It's inventory should be transferred to you and the horse's encumbrance set to 0.

*IMPORTANT* If you use the DLCHorseArmor Patcher, MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR FILES FIRST! It's not very likely, but you may run into trouble using the new script and have to restore the old version to make your paid-for plugin work again. You will also need the original esp file for upgrades to the Saddlebags mod. To upgrade a patched .esp file, restore the original .esp from your backup (overwriting the patched version) and then patch Bethesda original .esp file.

Version 1.1: 07 April 2006
- Fixed huge bug with stolen horses. They now have saddlebags.

Version 1.0: 06 April 2006
- Added DLCHorseArmor Patcher
- Fixed dismount bug.
- Limted Horses slowest speed to Minimum MaxSpeed/4.
- Fixed Rocket Horse bug (again).
- Horse Reset now resets horse speed as well as saddle weight.
- Reset horse speed on death.
- Cleaned up surperflous scripting in HorsePCBaySkingradSkript.
- Rebuilt .esp clean from ground up to get rid of surperflous references.
- Added MDGblHorseSpeedMultiplier which allows the maximum horse speed to be adjusted.

Version 0.95: 03 April 2006
- Fixed bug in script when settings were set to unlimited bag capacity.
- Added command to reset a horses Encumbrance

Version 0.91: 31 March 2006
- Fixed speed bug in script.

Version 0.9: 30 March 2006
- Added Global variable for Encumbrance Multiplier.
- Added Script to almost all horses.

Version 0.8: 30 March 2006
- Added Global variable to turn Weight limits on/off.
- Added in an encumbrance system to change the speed of partially encumbered horses.
- Widdled down the chests to a single chest.
- Horse Encumbrance now based off of current health.
- Renamed the .esp files.

Version 0.7: 30 March 2006
- Changed from message to using sneak to activate inventory.
- Added Ref's to scripts to make future editing easier.
- When Horse Dies, all inventory is transferred to the dead body.

Version 0.6: 29 March 2006
- Added new message if horse is dead.
- Added new script that limits horse encumbrance.

Version 0.5: 29 March 2006
- Initial Release.

What does it do?
Adds functional saddle bags to almost all horses.

To use on a player owned horse, Activate your horse while in sneak mode. The saddle bags function just like a chest. Use the icon at the bottom to switch between your inventory and the saddle bag inventory.

To use on a stolen horse, Activate your horse while in Attack mode. You don't need to have a weapon, just hit the "F" key. Without your weapon drawn you can mount the horse both in normal and sneak mode. Accessing the inventory of a stolen horse never alerts guards.

The regular plugin has an encumbrance limit that is 2 times the health of a horse. It also slows the horse down if you add more than half of it's weight limit. This is a progressive change, so 1 pound over barely affects it and putting the max weight on the horse brings it down to half of it's normal speed.

Installation (NO DLCHorseArmor Mod)
These instructions are only for those who do not have Bethesda's DLCHorseArmor Mod.

If you have a previous version of SaddleBags or CallSteed + Saddlebags, then skip down to the Removal and Upgrades section

Unzip the .esp file to your "Oblivion\Data" directory

Enable only one the following plugins using the Oblivion Launcher:


It's really a good idea to create a *new* saved game slot with the plugin enabled. If problems occur you can go back to the point before you enabled the plugin.

Installation (For DLCHorseArmor Mod)
Only follow these instructions if you wish to use Saddlebags with your armored horses.

Unzip the files to your "Oblivion\Data" directory


If you've run the patcher once before, you'll need to restore your original .esp file before you start. Rename the patched DLCHorseArmor.esp file (more than 150k) to DLCHorseArmor.esp.OLD and then rename the DLCHorseArmor.esp.bak (should be around 95k) to DLCHorseArmor.esp.

Run the MD_Saddle_Bags_DLCHorseArmor_Patcher.exe file from your Oblivion\Data Directory. Press the start button to upgrade your DLCHorseArmor.esp file.

Run Oblivion with the new DLCHorseArmor.esp file checked in Data Files. Do *not* enable the MD_Saddle_Bags.esp file.

Removal and Upgrades
The safest way to upgrade is to do the following:

BEFORE you install, Load up your latest save game and take all of your items out of your saddle bags. You can drop them on the ground if you need to. Save into a *new* saved game slot and exit Oblivion.

Start Oblivion and uncheck the .esp file in Data Files. Load up your new saved game and resave. If you're paranoid (and who isn't?), you'll keep your save from above and save into another new slot.

Follow the installation instructions above and start Oblivion.

To remove, follow the directions from the upgrade, but instead of installing the new files, start the Oblivion Launcher and take the plugin out of data files. Delete the saddle bag .esp files from your Oblivion\Data directory if desired. Restart Oblivion and load your game. Click yes to the warning. Re-save your game into a new saved game slot.

To remove Saddle Bags from your DLCHorseArmor Plugin, Load up Oblivion and remove all of your items from your Horse's saddle bags. Save into a *new* saved game slot and exit oblivion. Copy your original DLCHorseArmor.esp backup file into your Oblivion\Data directory and overwrite the one that is there. Load Oblivion normally. I do not recommend uninstalling the DLCHorseArmor.esp file as it could cause problems with your saved games.

Special Commands
You can enable/disable horse weight limits in both mods with the following console command:

*** Warning *** do not change these values while your horse has stuff in it's inventory!

Set MDGblLimitHorseCapacity to 1
(to enable limits. Use 0 instead to disable limits)

You can change the speed of all of the horses in the game with this command:

Set MDGblHorseSpeedMultiplier to 1.0
(Set less than 1 for slower horses, and greater than 1 for faster horses. I would not recommend using numbers greater than 1.5 or less than .5)

You can reset your horses inventory by doing the following
Set MDResetHorses to 1
Then mounting your horse. You should get a message stating that the Horse's Encumbrance was reset. All of the items on that horse should now be in your character's inventory.

You can change the point at which a horse starts to slow down with the following command:

Set MDGblEncumberHorseDivder to 2.0
(this is the default. If you set it to 1.0, horse slowdown is disabled. Larger numbers start scaling the speed earlier and numbers between 1.0 and 2.0 start scaling the speed later. Don't set this number below 1.0)

You can make all of the horses have a common inventory with the following command:
Set MDGblSharedBags to 1
(0 is the default. Each horse normally has it's own inventory)

Special Thanks
Zelgadis for the great idea of tracking the Player's inventory weight instead of the horse's inventory weight. It really made the limited mod possible.

Claude Meric for the idea of storing the items on the horse with the RemoveAllItems command and moving them to a single chest whenever the player wants to browse the inventory.

Bugs & Limitations
Interferes with other horse mods. There is a horse calling mod available that combines the functions of this mod and Call Steed named CallSteed2.5 + Saddlebags0.91. You shouldn't run this mod and the combined one at the same time (and you wouldn't need to).

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