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Max Payne 2 - 7th Serpent
7th Serpent Team
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Max Payne II
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This is a Single-Player Total Conversion Mod with new levels, Graphic Novel, orchestral score, and much more! Developed over several years by a team of professionals and skilled amateurs, it is the ultimate Single-Player Mod for Max Payne 2!

7th Serpent: Crossfire is the opening chapter of the 7th Serpent Single-Player Mod for the Max Payne 2 game engine, thrusting players into a world of corruption, secrecy and vengeance. You will control Damon Pryce, the first genetically-engineered prototype of a covert program from a giant biotech corporation contracted by the Military to create soldiers with super-human capabilities.

The entire 7th Serpent project represents several years of development time from a team comprised of highly skilled modders and professional game developers. This first chapter promises unusually high production values with custom Graphic Novel artwork, a full blown orchestral score from a successful Hollywood composer, talented voice-acting and entirely new 3d modeling and texturing assets done in near-futuristic aesthetic that heavily deviates from Max Payne 2. The gameplay features exciting cinematic flair-laden sequences with non-stop action that push the envelope of what you have come to expect from a Single-Player Mod. You will get to fight HUMVEES, Armored Personal Carriers, military tanks, choppers and massive loads of military and police troops. It is to be a grueling, bloody and very personal affair.

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