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Star Wars: Empire at War - No Pirates Multiplayer Mod
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Description: Star Wars: Empire at War - No Pirates Multiplayer Mod

This is a simple mod for Star Wars Empire at War which removes the pirates from all multiplayer campaigns, allowing for a full on war without those infuriating auto-resolve battles.

|-o-| No Pirates Mod V1.2 |-o-|

The purpose of this mod is to remove pirates from all multiplayer campaigns. It does just that, all usually pirate-controlled planets should be completely neutral and provide no resistance. The reason behind this is that some people felt that the forced automatic resolve on pirate battles in multiplayer detracted from the overall strategic experience, turning the game into nothing more than basic numbers until the opposing player was encountered. This mod ensures that this doesn't happen, allowing both players to spread as quickly as possible, leading to an exciting and sometimes vicious game. This mod has been tested on the Path to Endor, which resulted in a ruthless conflict of brutal attacks and many hit and runs. It is not clear how well it will work on larger maps and feedback is always appreciated.


Step 1 : Create a folder called 'xml' in your Gamedata/data folder
Step 2 : Extract the .xml file provided into this folder
Step 3 : Run the game. Bear in mind that you can only play with those who have installed the same mod, otherwise you will receive a 'version mismatch' error.


To uninstall this modification simply delete the xml folder.


1.1 - Simplified installation
1.2 - Cleaned up the file, added an All Planets multiplayer campaign for testing.

This mod WILL stop you from playing with other players that do not have the exact same setup. It is designed for use with friends and people you know.

By removing pirates, the chokepoints designed to keep players from rushing headlong into each other at the start of the game have also been removed. Bear this in mind when playing. Friends don't let friends dump all their heroes on their capital ship and then send it to die 15 seconds into the game. This mod changes the dynamics of multiplayer and may take some getting used to.

The removal of some heroes from multiplayer campaigns since for some reason players start with every hero. This may be a dynamic of multiplayer, in that you cannot gain heroes over time so instead you have to start with all of them. I'm not sure about this yet, but if it is possible to gain them over time, I would like to integrate that feature of single player into the multiplayer game.

Game balance tweaks to account for the lack of pirate resistance


The forums at for the fledgling modding communities insights into how the xml files work.

Zach Barth at for his efforts in hacking the EAW demo and the meginserter and extractor programs.

Slanik for being a patient tester


You use this work in progress at your own risk. I do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to files or equipment resulting from the
installation of this modification. I


TotalBiscuit at [email protected]

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