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War Rock is a completely Free2Play FPS featuring modern weaponry and combat vehicles in an online multiplayer setting. War Rock's multifaceted gameplay will appeal to both new recruits and FPS veterans.

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Featuring both urban and outdoor combat with an array of modern weaponry and vehicles, players will be thrown into the war between Derbaran military forces and NIU mercenaries as they battle for land and resources over land, air, and sea. A ranking system gives players an idea of how far they’ve advanced, while a planned clan ladder and featured matches will provide the competition that serious players demand. Upon commercial launch, the game will be regularly updated with new maps, weaponry, and game modes as well as tournaments and contests.

Currently in Open Beta of which will be divided into two phases. First Phase will feature three new maps and two new weapons. A third weapon is currently being decided by player vote in the official War Rock forums, and will become available during Second Phase.
Content Descriptors: Blood, Mild Language, Violence
War Rock Download Features (Open Beta Version)
? Soldiers entering Cadoro should come prepared for close-range combat; the tightly wound streets leave you no choice but to engage the enemy face-to-face! The new weaponry available to Medics and Engineers are excellent choices for this map.

? The islands of Pargona surround a neutral base that’s ripe for the taking – if your gunboats can survive an onslaught of helicopter weaponry. If that doesn’t work, rev up your motorcycle and hang on; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

? Choppers will have an easier time navigating the blasted streets and scattered concrete blockades of Cantumira, but you’ll need the explosive firepower that only tanks can provide.

? The stylish P90 submachine gun will be available to the Medic and Engineer classes. Featuring low recoil and a high firing rate, this weapon is ideal for brutally close encounters.

? The G36 Compact assault rifle will also be available to the Medic and Engineer classes, as well as Combatants. Smaller than the G36 standard and without a scope, this weapon features a 30-bullet clip and inflicts moderate damage.

Additional upgrades include latency indicators, the implementation of level-based weapon restrictions, hotkeyed voice signals, and general updates as well as bug fixes and exploit prevention. K2Network has also incorporated the anti-cheat program PunkBuster™ as part of its commitment to keep the game free of hackers.

War Rock is the latest addition to K2 Network’s growing Free2Play™ collection, adding the popular first-person shooter genre into a mix that already includes MMORPG and casual sports games. Like the other games in the Free2Play™ library, War Rock will continue to be free even after the end of Open Beta and the start of commercial launch. Please visit K2 Network’s company website www.k2network.net for more information.

War Rock Download Minimum System Requirements:
Minimum Specifications

Important Note: War Rock can be enjoyed by low end computer users as well as by high end power gamers. Those with slower systems may experience game lag and may require many of the graphical effects be set to low or off. For best performance and game play we recommend a computer with a Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz chip, 512 MB RAM, FX5700 graphics card and Windows XP operating system. The game requires Direct X 8.0, but for better performance use Direct X 9.0. Make sure your OS, Sound Card, and Video Drivers are current.
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