Half-Life - Move In! Mod Public Beta v1.0 [Linux]

File Info: Half-Life - Move In! Mod Public Beta v1.0 [Linux]

Half-Life - Move In! Mod Public Beta v1.0 [Linux]
The Move In Team
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Description: Half-Life - Move In! Mod Public Beta v1.0 [Linux]

This is the same as our EXE installer, except packaged in a linux friendly format for servers.

Move In! is a tactical combat action game. It offers the player realistic environments, including standard and special issue combat weapons, giving the feeling of total immersion. Move In! is squad based and therefore integrates leadership and the comradery that is felt during life threatening situations that highly trained soldiers face on the battle field. The player can experience some of the best military equipment available - Rifles, Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, and a whole host of specialist equipment.

Realism plays a big part in the game. 3D environments are set in real life locations from all over the world. Featuring realistic weather conditions - rain, snow, and fog. New OpenGL effects allow newer computers to enhance the graphics of the HL engine*. The player can aim their gun seperatly from turning for accurate aiming and gives total immersion with damage effects like concussion which causes motion blurring. Use varied movement from sneaking to sprinting, and the ability to peek around corners and crawl along the ground.

Missions have been developed in a way that allows variation in the objectives for each map, leading to a totally new experience with every map change. Secondary mission objectives have also been added, these do not have to be completed, but doing so will reward your squad with experience and may give different tactical advantages depending on the mission.

*Direct3D and software mode are unsupported. Move In! requires HL to use the OpenGL renderer.

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