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Minions of Mirth Client
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Released by Prairie Games this is the client for Minions of Mirth, a fantasy based MMORPG. Minions of Mirth is an independently-produced RPG with both single-player and MMO gameplay, innovating the genre with the ability for players to host their own custom persistent worlds. Form your own party of up to 6 characters and join other players in online alliances with up to 36 characters as you explore three playable realms -- Fellowship of Light, Minions of Darkness, and the Monster Realm. Choose from 16 playable classes and 12 playable races, and unlock monster templates to create your own stable of monsters.

"What we don't get to see nearly as often is anything about releases that might break or at least bend the proverbial mold. Prairie Games' Minions of Mirth is one such endeavor." -

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