Half-Life - Texture Pack #3 1,900 Different Textures!

File Info: Half-Life - Texture Pack #3 1,900 Different Textures!

Half-Life - Texture Pack #3 1,900 Different Textures!
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Description: Half-Life - Texture Pack #3 1,900 Different Textures!

A new Texture pack for use in all of Source About 1,900 diffrent textures in this texture pack. They are mostly Metals and concretes.

This is a Texture pack for All of Source, including
half life 2, hl2 dm, day of defeat source, counter strike source.
These textures were compiled together by cncr04s

There are about 1,900 diffrent textures i selected out of 4,000
in this texture pack. The textures in this pack are mostly metals and concretes.
They are arranged by type, such as concrete, brick etc
These are for making maps, or if you encounter a map that
has any of these textures, installing this pack will allow
you to play that map without downloading the textures from
the game server.

get winrar or powerarchiver. they allow extracing of rar files if
you do not know what a rar file is. http://www.rarsoft.com

extract the contents, there should be a folder named cncr04sp3
it must be extracted into \half-life 2\hl2\materials
or \half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\materials
or \day of defeat source\dod\materials
or \counter-strike source\cstrike\materials
If you have steam you might have to go into your steam dir and find these folders. After you extract you can begin to use the textures.

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