Counter-Strike: Source - TGP's Abused Hostages

File Info: Counter-Strike: Source - TGP's Abused Hostages

Counter-Strike: Source - TGP's Abused Hostages
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Half-Life: Counter-Strike: Source
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Description: Counter-Strike: Source - TGP's Abused Hostages

These are abused looking hostages for Counter-Strike:Source.

You my lucky friend have just downloaded The Gamer Planet's Abused Hostages for Counter-Strike:Source!
It didn't make sense to us that these horrible people where holding innocent hostages and not beating the crap out of em, so we gave them a hand.

To install extract to your cstrike folder, here by default install
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\[email protected]\counter-strike source\cstrike
There should be these folders materials\models\hostages with six files inside: art_facemap.vtf, corht.vtf, sandro_facemap.vtf, vance_facemap.vtf, hostage_sheet.vtf, and this readme.

All work is done by Brian M. Frain aka eternal (vance, sandro, hostage sheet) and CapNCrunch aka Robert Harvey (art and cohrt). This work is not to be repackaged, edited, altered, or changed without our permission.
We can be contacted at or I can be contacted by email [email protected]

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