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BS Hacker Replay - Unlimited
Stardock Systems
Also known as:
Blue Sky Hacker -- Replay , Blue Sky 2
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Description: BS Hacker Replay - Unlimited

Enter the underground world and play the role of a hacker.

BS Hacker is a unique hacking simulation game. You enter the underground world and play the role of a hacker, working against a system that aims to control everything.

A complete hacker console and interface will create a perfect hacker environment, while the realism of the game elements will make you wonder if this is real ... or just a game.

BS Hacker Replay - Unlimited contains 23 levels divided into five episodes. The game features a complex console based interface, which closely resembles modern operating systems and computers, but manages to keep the feeling of a hacker environment. This is not all: With complex modding capabilites, you can always go ahead and create new levels and missions, modify existing ones, or play those that were created by our enthusiast community.

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