Quake IV - Gankmod 2.0b & CTF Map Pack

File Info: Quake IV - Gankmod 2.0b & CTF Map Pack

Quake IV - Gankmod 2.0b & CTF Map Pack
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Quake IV
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Description: Quake IV - Gankmod 2.0b & CTF Map Pack

This ultra competition mod with all its many features reduces many fx and increases visibility while improving performance and gameplay. No changes were made to the default Raven game rules. Everything is still normal and all changes are made to the sounds and visuals only. Try this out with r_showtris to see just WHY you get and fps boost. This is basically and FPS MOD> hope you like it.

http://www.spectra-digital-media.com/EKM.htm to read more

Hi everyone,

As most of already know there are many mods out here for quake4. There are also many players and just as many if not more interpretations as to how "the game should be played". Please understand that this mod is not in competition with any other mod. This is simply the state of the game when you tune it for speed.

This Newest and most fps friendly version of Gankmod v2.0b is for anyone who is interested in playing fast fun high fps quake4. The only changes made were to the sights and sounds if you will and default rules timings and damages are still in effect. This is like an fps map in mod form or an "fps mod" if you will. By reducing variable system functions or disabling them entirely you have a much faster and more responsive gaming experience. This version is the best yet with many new features;

Major fps boost - tdm model fixes - and net optimization
this version also includes 2 maps from quake3.
Originally by scancode Q3wxs1 and Q3wcp5, were awsome maps.
So now you have Q4WXS1 AND Q4WCP5 enojy!

These were redone and optimized for better fps from previous versions I had released which is why they are included in this release.


I am currently running these maps on the ekm Gankmod server @

More is info available at

Use com_showfps 1 & r_showtris 3 to see how & why you get an fps boost!!!!!!!

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