Area 51 Patch v1.2 [United States]

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File Info: Area 51 Patch v1.2 [United States]

Area 51 Patch v1.2 [United States]
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Description: Area 51 Patch v1.2 [United States]

This is the patch for Area 51 adding certain video card support, fixing copy protection problems and much more listed below in more information.

Area 51 Patch version 1.1.89007

To install the patch:

1. Download the patch. When asked if you want to run or save the file, save it to your desktop.
2. Open the patch file by double-clicking it. Unzip the patch to the directory where you originally installed Area 51 as directed on screen. (Note: The default directory for the extraction is C:\Program Files\Midway Games\Area 51 and only needs to be changed if the game was installed to a different path.)
3. The patch is now installed. You can launch the game by double-clicking the Area 51 shortcut on your desktop.
4. You can now delete the patch file from your desktop.

The following issues have been addressed by the dev team for Patch version 1.1.89007:

- ATI Radeon 8500-9200 Pro graphics cards now supported.
- Fixes the black box that is sometimes displayed when user hits F2 during online play.
- Lighting brightness in Mutant vision mode has been recalibrated to meet design specification.
- Sniper scope should now zoom in more smoothly.
- Issues involving copy protection such as an exception errors and related issues that occur when launching the game.


Area 51 Intel onboard video chip (915G & 915GM-FR) patch

Area 51: Intel On Board Video Chip Patch

Area 51 gamers using the Intel onboard video chipsets 915G and 915GM-FR have experienced an intermittent crash bug. This self-extracting patch will replace old files and correct the issues for customers experiencing this problem.

Please be advised these files will extract to the default installation directory: C:\Program Files\Midway Games\Area 51. If you had chosen to install to another directory, you will need to redirect the extraction so they overwrite your installed files.

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