Stronghold 2 - Deluxe Ed. retail v1.3.1 patch

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File Info: Stronghold 2 - Deluxe Ed. retail v1.3.1 patch

Stronghold 2 - Deluxe Ed. retail v1.3.1 patch
Firefly Studios
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Description: Stronghold 2 - Deluxe Ed. retail v1.3.1 patch

Stronghold 2 Deluxe v1.3.1 Features

* 8 New Historical Castles - Including Windsor in England, The Heuneburg in
Germany and Fougère in France
* 3 New AI Players - The Queen, the Bishop and Noble Sir Grey
* 4 New Kingmaker Maps - Including maps based on Europe and Korea
* 'The Conquest Trail' - A whole new game mode where you must battle through a
collection of Europe's mightiest castles!

Game Balancing

* Pheasant hunting less productive but deer hunting more productive
* Apple Farms more productive
* Dairy Farms more productive
* Pitch production now twice as productive
* Crossbowmen's firing range and shot damage increased
* Knights cost more to build
* Axe throwers now less effective against metal amour
* Assassins not effected by traps - invisible at closer range
* Monasteries cost less to build and provide more honour
* Gong Farmers or Falconers are no longer affected by crime.
* Towers are more expensive to build
* Gatehouses cost a little more to build
* Statues provide less honour
* Tunnelling range reduced
* Cannot now tunnel under water
* Moat costs reduced
* Rock throwers and baskets now have triple damage.
* The range of burning logs has been halved.
* Torture devices now give honour every month

Bug Fixes

* Various gameplay and movement code optimisations
* Fixed occasional crash in War Chapter 4 and 6.
* Fixed a crash when selecting the map type in editor.
* All objects in editor can now be deleted
* Fixed crash to desktop experienced playing War Chapter 4 and 6.
* Fixed issues with knights mounting horses
* Fixed controlling gatehouses bug
* Fixed pitch workers turning to crime bug
* Fixed invisible outlaws bug
* Fixed Lord walking on keep bug
* Fixed speech when placing pitch
* Fixed rocks sticking through buildings
* Fixed stone tippers on walls bug
* Fixed catapults not firing stone bug
* Fixed mangonels firing at long range bug
* Rock baskets can now be placed on towers and gatehouses
* Honour from punishments is now displayed in the interface
* Stopping carter post now refunds goods
* Various other bug fixes

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