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Quake IV - q4X
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q4X is a modification for Raven Software and id Software's Quake 4 -- developed by w0rM with the assistance of the gAm3 is g00d community. The mod was inspired by Mr. Pants Q3 Excessive. I've tried to make the mod with very much the same spirit of fun and over the top speed and mayhem of the original Excessive mod.

In q4X you start will all 10 weapons and 400 in health. Your health will countdown to 300 after you spawn. All weapons have 999 in ammo and are much faster and more powerful than any weapons in the standard game.

Self damage is greatly reduced (usually not more than 1 point of health) opening the door for some crazy weapon jumping! You can jump using almost any projectile weapon! Fire the grenades, rockets, nailgun, hyperblaster or the DMG at the ground or a wall and off you go!

q4X is fast and furious and not for the weak! So strap on that Rocket Launcher and get ready for Quake 4 - HARDCORE!

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